Understand United World

Vision & Mission

Create a World Where Anyone Can Work Anywhere

United World supports people who want to work regardless of nationality. We seek to create a world where people can work regardless of where we call home or the languages we speak. At present, the world still is section off by the borders of nationalities, borders, and language. Each day we take new steps forward for creating a world where we can not only work for ourselves, but make it easier for more people to find work.

Currently, we are focusing on jobs and people in Japan. However, we plan to expand globally and create the largest network of job seekers, recruiting companies and job listings in the world. If you share our passion, why not join us and help create such a world?


Let's Enjoy our work.

We will work for most of our lives. If your work is boring, your life becomes boring. We want you to enjoy your work and look forward to it rather than dread it.

2) Cherish Diversity in Values and Backgrounds

United World has a diverse team. Job seekers come from every walk of life. We are looking for people who can cherish diversity and can bring our clients diverse specialties to the fore.

Work Style


Some of our member work in rural areas or abroad. Most of the members works fully remote.

Flextime System

We work 8 hours a day, 5 days week, on weekends and holidays. Most of the members work between 9:00 and 18:00 but the schedule is not rigid. You decide your working hours. It’s okay to go to the gym or hospital during breaks.

Online communication

We use Slack as our main form of communication. For urgent contact, we communicate over the phone. If it’s better to talk face-to-face or screen share, we use zoom. We try to avoid unnecessary meetings.

English and Japanese are the official office languages.

70% of our clients are Japanese and 30% are foreign nationals. Some members maybe not be completely fluent in both languages and we encourage language study.

CEO’s Message

The reason why I founded United World

United World is derived from the name United Nations. I dreamed of working for the United Nations to serve poor children in poor countries. However, after studying development studies and actually experiencing the lives of the poor in Africa, I decided to create a new organization that surpasses the UN. An organization that would have the world’s largest infrastructure to encourage the flow of human resources and eradicate poverty from the world.

After return to the Japan, I found United World as a new graduate, but failed miserably. From that point on I experience many ups and downs. I learned through failures and devoted myself to learning business. Six years later, I found a reliable colleague, Sebastian, and established United World again. I’m not a genius, but my resolve to never give up and to not accept things as they are is what I am proud of.

I already know that I can’t achieve my goals alone. I have a wonderful team to help me. If anyone is even slightly interested, why don’t we work together to make this world a better place?

United World

CEO Masaru Asahi