Understand United World

Vision & Mission

Create a World Where Anyone Can Work Anywhere

United World supports people who want to work regardless of nationalities. The motivation for this action is just for creating a world where people can work regardless of places we live and languages we speak.Working is still limited depending on nationalities, languages and living places.We take action every day for creating a world where we can work for ourselves, and making easier for more people to work.

Currently, we are forcusing on jobs and people in Japan.However, we are going to make offices around the world, and create largest network gatherd job seekers, recruiting companies and job listings in the world.Why don't you create such a world with us?


Let's enjoy our work.

Working occupies most of our life time. If working is boring, your life becomes also boring.We want you to cherish enjoying your work every day and work joyfully with everyone.

Cherish diversities and various sense of values

People having various kinds of backgrounds work in this United World.Job seekers also have different nationalities and age.We are looking for people who can respect a variety of diversities and sense of values.

Work Style


Some people work in rural areas or abroad. All members work fully remotely. It's okay to work while traveling in a cafe or traveling. Of course it is possible to work overseas. Please choose your favorite way of working.

Flextime System

We work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, on weekends and holidays, but we work and take a break when we like. You decide the working hours yourself. It's okay to go to the gym or hospital during breaks. There is no particular overtime.

Online communication

We use Slack for the main communication. For urgent contacts, we communicate over the phone. If it's better to talk face-to-face or sharing the screen, we use Zoom. We always try not to have unnecessary meetings.

English and Japanese are official languages

The entire meeting is in English. 70% of our clients are Japanese and 30% are foreign nationals. Some members are not good at English and Japanese, so even those who want to learn English and Japanese from now on are fine.

CEO’s Message

The reason why I founded United World

United World is derived from the name United Nations. I dreamed of working for the United Nations for poor children in poor countries. However, after studying development studies and actually experiencing the lives of the poor in Africa, I decided to create a new organization that surpasses the United Nations, own the world's largest infrastructure to encourage the flow of human resources, and eradicate poverty from the world.

After returning to Japan, I founded this United World as a new graduate, but it failed miserably. From that point on, I experienced many failures, learned business, and six years later, I found reliable colleagues, Sebastian and established United World again. Iʼm not smart, but my ability to never give up and to twist things that have already been decided is what I am pride of.

I already know that I canʼt achieve goals by myself without help. A lot of people are helping me. If anyone is even slightly interested, why don't we work together to make this world a better place?

United World

CEO Masaru Asahi