Initiatives for SDGs


What is SDGs

SDGs were universal goals to aim sustainable and better world mentioned in "2030 Agenda for the sustainable world" that was adopted by the United Nations Sammit in 2015. They are integrated with 17goals and 169 targets, and "Leave No One Behind" on the globe is a promise of the Agenda.


What is United World's action

United World Inc is admitted to have SDGs certification. We achieve to create a world where anione can work anywhere. We contribute to rectify the inequality and secure the equal opportunity employment without being affected with nationalities, races, ethnicity, genders and age.

We provide the opportunity employment regardless of nationalities, races, ethnicity, genders and age. Also, we donate ourselves to eradicate the inequallity of people and nationalities.
We strengthen means of implementation for sustainable developments, and make a contribution for stimulating the global partnership.