At the age of 45, I became a dad.Gentle salesman who never forgets to be respectful.

Sales & Human Resources Consultant

Takayuki Nakamura
What kind of work do you do at United World?

I am working in sales. I have never been in sales before and am taking on this challenge as an inexperienced sales person.My job mainly involves developing new clients and building relationships with existing clients. I also create and update job offers received from clients.

When do you find it rewarding?

We introduce many engineers to our clients, but since engineers are in short supply, we have a hard time introducing them to our clients. Therefore, we are happy when we are able to lower the level of Japanese language skills by proposing the easing of requirements.We understand that companies want to hire people who can work immediately, but it is difficult to hire people who can work immediately. I think it is better to hire people who can be hired now and choose to let the company grow. As long as a company is unable to hire, it can be said that it is in a state of stagnation.

Also, many of our clients have attractive businesses, but many of them are struggling to recruit because of a lack of recognition. I also look forward to the opportunities to get to know various clients. I always hope to build a relationship with my clients through my work so that I can easily go out for a drink with them.

I am also looking forward to taking on new challenges with job seekers and new clients.

Why did you choose United World?

I became friends with the representative through futsal, and I felt that I could do interesting things with him, which was the deciding factor. I also wanted to try something new, so I changed to a sales position, which I had no experience in.

What is the company/team atmosphere like?

Everyone in the company is nice.This is the only word I can use to describe them. I feel that everyone is working hard each and every one of them and cooperating with each other while working full remote. This is why we have seen good results in the past few months, and we believe that this year's performance, as well as next year's, will be good as well.

What was the moment when you felt your personal growth the most after joining the company?

The representative told me that as long as I did what I was supposed to do, the results would come. Really? I thought so, but if you consistently do it day in and day out, you will see results.

I was worried because I had no experience in this sales position, but as I developed new clients and the number of clients I was in charge of increased, the number of recommendations naturally increased, and I was able to receive offers. Sales are now consistently coming in every month. I think this has led to a virtuous cycle of job offers.

On the other hand, since I work from home, I lose energy and concentration when I just sit and work, so I do muscle training during the day (laughs).

Please give us a rough time schedule for a day.

The main tasks are to communicate with clients, create and update job postings, introduce candidates to the most suitable positions, and acquire new clients.I start with tasks that require a response, so depending on the day, I may end up coordinating with clients via e-mail, sending internal e-mails, or writing letters of recommendation.

Finally, how do you spend your private time?

I had a baby last November, so I spend a lot of time interacting with my kids. I also read and play futsal. Futsal is a great stress reliever and I continue to play futsal to maintain my physical fitness.


After graduating from college, he worked for 9 years at an SES systems company in the infrastructure field.He worked for 14 years at a second trading company.After 7 years in charge of internal systems and 7 years in accounting, he joined United World.