Purpose - Why do we exist in society -

Creating a world where anyone can work anywhere

Creating a world where anyone can work anywhere There are many people who want to work but cannot in the world. Even talented and motivated people face many problems on the way to finding jobs due to language, where they live, and their nationality. Also, there is a situation in the world where you have to work and earn money to support your family, but you can't find a job. We solve this problem by creating a world where anyone can work anywhere through our services.

We solve this problem by creating a world where anyone can work anywhere through our services.

Vision - Where we are going -

To be the World’s Largest Human Resources Infrastructure

Currently, United World mainly provides the service to foreign nationals living in Japan and bilingual Japanese people, but we will establish branches in all the countries and provide jobs to people regardless of their nationalities, languages, and places. To hold the world's largest recruitment and human resources network, we will promote the mobility of human resources beyond the border and create a world where anyone can work anywhere.

Value - What we value -

Providing a Better Service as a Professional

United World can keep existing if our customers continue to need our services. We do not work for self-satisfaction. We value professionalism for our clients. For the perpetual existence of United World, we will continue to pursue service improvements throughout our lives.

We value the people we work with and place importance on having fun while working, but we always have a sense of professionalism. For the perpetual existence of United World, we will continue to pursue service improvements throughout our lives.


  • 朝日 将
    Masaru Asahi Founder/CEO
    To create the No1 company and be the No1 CEO in the world

    Born in Japan. Founded United World Inc after working at a consulting company, and NPO/NGO.

  • セバスチャン エラディア
    Sebastian Heredia Founder/CPO
    Sebastian Heredia

    Born in Peru. Started a career as a lawyer. Gained a scholarship from MEXT and Graduated from Osaka University for Master's degree. Funded United World Inc after working at Municipal Office in Peru and Addressing Population and Development Issues to Attain Sustainable Development.

  • 中村 高之
    Takayuki Nakamura Sales
    Seles with great respect and kind (Became a father at 45 year's old)

    Started his career as an IT engineer. After he had experience in a trading company, he joined United World and has been supporting the recruitment of global companies. He likes to learn investment and is good at real estate investment.

  • 三木 麻緒
    Mao Miki Career Advisor
    Change tough times into big opportunities as a career advisor

    As a new graduate, she applied for only one company and decided to work at a foreign firm. After that, she went to Australia and joined the 5 Star Hotel while she had a hard time finding a job. After returning to Japan due to Corona, she has joined United World. Based on her own experience, she has supported job hunting while staying close to people.

  • 大嶋 珠生
    Shui Oshima Career Advisor
    Develop your possibilities and motivation as a career advisor

    As a fashion model, she walked in Kansai Collection. Also, she was a dancer and took a tour with a famous band. After that, the 80-year-old membership-based international club, she provided world-class hospitality to members of more than 50 nationalities as a club management staff. After that, she has joined United World and supported the recruitment of global jobs as a career advisor to expand the possibilities for people.

  • 梶 絵美香
    Emika Kaji Sales
    Bilingual sales supporting the recruitment of clients

    After working as a secretary at a pulp maker, she worked at a trading company, discovering new products and overseas suppliers as an overseas sales position. Now, she supports the recruitment of global companies as a bilingual sales at United World. She is working in France.

  • 江澤 瑞穂
    Mizuho Ezawa Career Advisor
    Mother of two children career advisor

    As a new graduate, she worked for the supply chain at a major foreign semiconductor manufacturer. After that, she moved to London and dealt with the construction of IT infrastructure as a sales. As a mother of two, she is now working as a career advisor at United World.

  • 伊藤 伽奈
    Kana Ito Career Advisor
    Charismatic Career Advisor

    After graduating from university, worked as a market researcher for a US consulting company. After that, she worked in Switzerland to launch the Swiss branch of a publishing company. Now, as a career advisor at United World.She is making use of her overseas recruitment experience.

  • 横山 彩
    Aya Yokoyama Sales
    To become a bridge between global companies and job seekers

    She spent her childhood and teens in Southeast Asia. After graduating from a university in Europe, she joined a big consulting firm, dealing with M&A advisory. With a passion for our vision/mission, "Creating a World Where Anyone Can Work Anywhere", she decided to join United World.

  • 大谷 聡美
    Satomi Otani Sales
    Working as a sales, raising a child in Toyama

    After graduating from university, she started working as a sales for advertising and sales promotion services for physics and chemistry equipment.After that, as a CAD operator, she was in charge of design change work and analysis of car interior parts. Now, she has joined United World to support global companies.

  • 村田  珠美
    Tamami Murata Career Advisor
    Working as a career advisor after accumulating her career in the US

    After graduating from a University in Long Beach, USA, she joined an apparel company and worked in California for over 10 years. Focusing on sales, she worked for production management, launching her own brand, product planning/marketing, and contributed greatly to the company. Now, she came back to Japan and joined United World as a career advisor.

  • 植田 杏奈
    Anna Ueda Counselor
    To help socially vulnerable people

    She worked for four years in the sales department of a major logistics company. After that, she aimed to become a counselor because she wanted to help socially vulnerable people. Currently while providing counseling to citizens and refugees in the US, she also provides counseling to people working for Japanese companies as an industrial counselor at United World.



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