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What kind of clothing is best for a job interview at a foreign company?

In this article, we will introduce the recommended attire for a job interview at a foreign company. We will also explain how to increase your likability and what to look for when interviewing for a job at a foreign company.

Three points of dress for a job interview at a foreign company show your competence!

Foreign-capitalized companies are looking for candidates who are “ready to go to work. Therefore, it is important to dress professionally or in a way that gives the impression of being highly competent at the interview.

The following three points are important to keep in mind when dressing for an interview.

  • Size and color
  • Cleanliness
  • TPO

The following is a detailed explanation of each of these points, so make a good impression on the interviewer by wearing clothing that gives the impression of competence.

Size and colorSize and color

Colors such as charcoal gray and navy are recommended for interviews with foreign companies. In Europe and the United States, black and solid colors are used extensively for limousine drivers and party-oriented clothing, and are not suitable for business. Recruitment suits should also be avoided as they give the impression of being worn by a newcomer and do not look professional.

Foreign-affiliated companies respect individuality, so stripes and other patterns, as well as somewhat flashy colors and designs, are acceptable. For women, it may be difficult to decide whether to wear a skirt or pants. However, either will not affect your acceptance or rejection. Both men and women should choose their attire with an emphasis on whether it “suits them” and “gives them a professional look.

Along with color and design, size is also important. Oversized clothes give the impression of being sloppy. Also, some people wear sweaters under their suits in the winter, but be careful, as it may make you look overdressed and not smart.

A suit that fits your body gives you a sense of familiarity and confidence, which improves your impression.


Clean clothes give a sense of sincerity and an attitude of dealing with things properly, which makes a good impression on the interviewer.

If your suit, shirt, or blouse is wrinkled or disheveled, it reveals a disheveled aspect of you, and the interviewer may imagine that you handle paperwork in a messy manner or cannot meet deadlines, making them feel uneasy about working with you. Also, be careful of sweat stains during the summer. If you are sweating as a result of wearing a jacket and tie, you will not look clean. Wear your jacket just before, and wipe sweat frequently with a handkerchief.

Make sure to iron everything you are wearing for the interview and dress in a clean manner.


It is recommended that you dress with an awareness of Time, Place and Occasion.

For example, because salaries in the finance and consulting industries are high, interviewers are accustomed to seeing rather nice things. Therefore, cheap suits and jackets should be avoided. Dark colors are also recommended. Many people in the apparel industry are fashionable, so it is possible that they may look at your clothing to see if it fits the corporate culture. Avoid colors that are too flashy, and wear something fashionable among the suits and jackets you own.

Also, if you are concerned that wearing a suit to the interview may reveal that you are looking for a new job because of the casual dress code at your current workplace, consult with a recruitment agent beforehand. They may be able to explain the situation to the company you are interviewing with and arrange for you to interview in casual clothing. 

The “free dress” foreign company interview: personality + 3 things to keep in mind

Some companies specify “free dress” or “casual dress” for interviews. Some may wonder how much freedom they can take and how casual they can be.

Basically, choose clothes that show your personality while keeping the following points in mind.

  • Appropriate for the work situation
  • Something that reflects the image of working for a company
  • Clean and neat


Appropriate for the work situation


Whether you choose “casual” or “free dress,” keep in mind the “professional” look that foreign companies are looking for.

Wearing pastel colors may give a childish impression, while too dark colors may give a gloomy impression. Also, clothing that exposes too much skin, is too loudly colored, or is too casual is not appropriate for the workplace.

It is best to dress casually for an interview, with a casual office attire that is a downplaying of a business suit. Jackets for both men and women are recommended, as they are appropriate for the workplace and give an appearance of confidence.


Something that reflects the image of working for the company

It is also important to choose attire that fits the corporate culture of the company you are interviewing with.

The line between casual and casual differs from company to company, so check the attire of senior employees on websites, etc. in advance. It is a good idea to decide what to wear based on what they are actually wearing while working in the company.

Clean and neat

Even in “casual” or “free dress,” cleanliness is important. Soggy clothes will not give a professional impression.

Are there any wrinkles?
Are they clean?
Are the clothes the right size?

Pay attention to these three points and choose clothes that make you look confident.

Examples of standard office casual wear

The following are examples of casual office wear that is a casualized version of a suit worn for business.

Polo shirt or other collared shirt, shirt, blouse, cut and sewn
Chinos, slacks, pants, skirts

Please note that some materials and patterns may be too casual in some cases.

Make a good impression outside of your attire! How to Make a Good First Impression at a Job Interview with a Foreign Company

There are other points besides clothing that determine the first impression you make. To make a good impression on the interviewer, please pay attention to the following points.

  • Attention to small items
  • Firm handshake in greeting
  • Raise the corners of your mouth with a bright expression.
  • Have a good chat during the ice breaker
  • Be confident and imposing

Explain one thing at a time.

Attention to small items

Keep your watch, shoes, and other small items you wear clean and well cared for. Shoes are looked at more than you think. Worn or dirty shoes give the impression of sloppiness and lack of self-control. The same goes for business bags. Do not neglect to take care of them. Wearing high-quality, one-rank-above status-appealing accessories will also enhance your impression.

Also, do not be careless with your bag. The interviewer may see it when you take out your documents. It is not smart to have too much stuff in a messy bag, and it is not smart to take time and effort to get it out. Take only what you need and bring an organized bag with you to the interview.

A firm handshake to greet the interviewer

If the interviewer is a foreigner, the first greeting may be a handshake instead of a bow. A weak handshake at this time will give the impression of weakness. It is important for men to shake hands with a certain degree of strength, and for women to shake hands with a level of strength that does not make you look weak.

It is also important to look the other person in the eye when shaking hands. Japanese people tend to have difficulty looking directly into the other person's eyes, so until you get used to this, it is best to look at the person's nose.

Raise the corners of your mouth and use a bright expression.

The key to making a good impression during an interview is to slightly raise the corners of your mouth. This is because raising the corners of your mouth not only brightens your expression but also changes the tone of your voice, giving a brighter impression.

In a tense situation, it may be difficult to always raise the corners of your mouth. In such cases, be conscious of raising the corners of your mouth at first contact, which forms the first impression. Smile and make a bright impression before people create a negative image of you as a gloomy person.

Also, be conscious of raising the corners of your mouth on a daily basis, and have a recruitment agent practice the interview so that you can go into the interview with confidence.

Break the ice and have a good chat.

Before an interview at a foreign company, it is common to start with an “ice break,” which is a time to chat with the candidate. The ice break is intended to ease the applicant's nerves and has nothing to do with the content of the interview, but it is an important conversation that determines the first impression.

Questions can range from physical condition to weather conditions. A common question is “Did you have any trouble finding your way here? The answer to this question is “No, it is not. To this question, I reply, “No, it was easy to fine. No, it was easy to fine. or “The traffic was also smooth on the way here, so everything has been fine. You can answer any question with a “Yes.

Do not just answer “Yes” or “No” to any question, but always reply with a few words to catch up with the conversation. This will show the interviewer that you are a natural communicator and will make a good impression.

Be confident and confident

The key to making a good impression on the interviewer at a foreign company is to be seen as a confident person. Keep your voice loud and look the interviewer in the eye.

Pillow phrases such as, “I was not the leader of the company, but...” are unnecessary. Modesty is seen as a lack of confidence in an interview with a foreign company. Be sure to promote your strengths.

Confidence also comes out in the gestures and mannerisms you use when speaking. Approach the interview with a calm and composed demeanor.

For more information on the general interview process at foreign companies, please refer to “One-Point Advice on Interview Preparation for a Job Change! Preparation for the interview” for more information on the interview process. Please take a look.

Suit is the Basis for Web Interviews at Foreign Companies: 3 Things to Keep in Mind



Some foreign companies conduct web interviews not only with the person in charge of the Japanese branch office, but also with the person in charge of overseeing the business overseas. However, web interviews are the same as in-person interviews and should be considered the same as in-person interviews.

There are three things to keep in mind when doing so


  • Are your clothes clean and neat?
  • Is it acceptable to show your entire body?
  • Is the hair style appropriate?

Are your clothes clean and neat?

In a web interview, the distance between the person and the webcam is close, and during the interview, your attention is focused on the computer screen, so it is easier to notice stains on your suit or wrinkles on your shirt than in a face-to-face interview. Before starting the interview, check your attire in the mirror once.

In case of an emergency, is it safe for your entire body to be seen?

It is dangerous to wear only the upper half of your suit because only the upper half of your body will be seen on camera. This is because the lower half of your body may appear in the camera due to an unexpected accident, such as the camera tilting or you being on your middle back while trying to pick up a fallen document.

Even if only the upper half of your body is shown, be prepared for any eventuality.

Is your hair styled well?

In a web interview, where the interviewer's upper body is mainly shown in a close-up, a messy hair style will stand out. Fix any sleeping habits and keep long hair in a bun. Keep your hair out of your eyes and around your face to make your face look brighter and clearer, which will improve your impression.

The key to a job interview with a foreign company is to be “ready to go”! Make a good impression with your attire!

Since foreign companies are looking for people who can be “immediately effective,” it is important to give the interviewer an impression of “professionalism” and “competence. Therefore, when it comes to clothing that makes a first impression, choose clothing that fits you well and gives you a professional look.

There are many concerns and questions that come with changing jobs at a foreign company, from not knowing what to wear to not being sure if you will be noticed if you wear a suit to work, to not knowing what clothing is appropriate for the industry, to not knowing if you will do well at the interview. United World's career counselors are there for you, whether it is explaining your situation to the company you are interviewing with or giving you advice.

We are confident in our ability to help you find the right job and negotiate the best salary. Let United World handle your job search!


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