Important Points in Recruitment

Recent Recruitment

These days, we are still in a seller's market. Excellent candidates often receive about 3 to 5 offers at the same time. Based on our experience in assisting companies in their recruitment efforts, we have compiled a list of key points to increase their chances of success. We hope this is useful information for those who are striving to recruit.

1. Have a formal Office

With the recent increase in the number of companies that offer remote work and encourage flexible work styles, there is no longer any reason to have an office. While many candidates do not care about office space, there are still many companies that are concerned about whether or not the company is safe if they do not have a formal office. Many companies are still concerned about the financial aspect of the company. It is no exaggeration to say that the financial aspect of a company is the most important point that candidates are concerned about. Surprisingly, many candidates voice concern about a company that does not have an office, or if the office is not clean or lively.

2. Speed of Selection

The most important thing in terms of hiring the best candidates is the speed of the selection process. If the selection speed is slow and it take a long time to arrange the second interview after the first, many candidates feel that the company does not take them seriously and will not treat them well. The most important thing in hiring excellent candidates is to speed up the process from document screening to setting up interviews and making job offers.

3. The Importance of the Interviewer

The interviewer is the face of the company for the candidate. Most candidates have direct contact with the company through the interviewer, so candidates often look at the interviewer as a representation of the company as a whole. In the past, we have heard from candidates of interviewers who were so tired that they wondered if they too would be working at this company until they were exhausted, or interviewers who were so flustered that they did not look at their resumes beforehand and thought, "They are not prepared at all, they are not professional. It is also important to conduct the interview in a way that makes a good impression on the candidate.

4. A Formal Offer Letter

Many companies do not prepare a formal offer letter, but only inform the candidate of the annual salary. Candidates cannot make a decision without seeing the formal terms and conditions and contract. As a recruiter, we are also obligated to explain the terms and conditions of the contract to the candidate and ensure that he/she understands them. We will explain the terms and conditions to the candidate in English, so an offer letter in Japanese will not be a problem.

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