Kansai girl career advisor who encourages job seekers with her smile and energy.

Career advisor

Mao Miki
What kind of work do you do at United World?

We usually meet with job seekers, listen to their requests, and help them find jobs. Our company focuses on global human resources, and we actively introduce jobs to people from overseas and people who want to work for global companies.We are also actively introducing jobs to people who want to work for global companies.

When do you find it rewarding?

Of course, I am most happy when I get a job, but personally, I think it is when a job seeker opens up to me. I personally think it is when a job seeker opens up to me! or "What should I do? I think that changing jobs is an important choice in one's life, and I am happy to have been able to be a part of that person's life.

Why did you choose United World?

First of all, I was deeply moved by the company's slogan, "Creating a World Where Anyone Can Work Anywhere. I myself had never had a hard time finding a job when I was in Japan, but I experienced my first setback in Australia. It was difficult to find a place that would hire me because I could not speak English very well, and I was very depressed that I was not needed as much as I thought. Even after I finally found a job, there were people who could speak English but did not work properly, and there were others who could work very well even though their English was not good. I was very disappointed that so many people were unable to demonstrate their abilities due to language barriers, and I felt empathy for our company, which aims to enable each individual to be active wherever he or she is.Another major reason was that everyone was very nice during the interview process. After talking with the interviewers, there were many times when I felt that I would not fit in with the company, but I felt that I would be able to work here in my own way because everyone, including the representative, was at home.

What is the company/team atmosphere like?

We are very close. Although we are fully remote, we are in constant communication. Also, the representative is very respectful of our opinions, so each employee's opinion is reflected in the company.

What was the moment when you felt your personal growth the most after joining the company?

It is when I feel that I am able to relate to the feelings of job seekers. Of course we introduce jobs, but everyone has their own worries and anxieties when looking for a job. I feel that I have grown as a person when I can offer advice based on my experience and provide support not only in the job search process, but also in the emotional aspect.

Please give us a rough time schedule for a day.

The first thing I do first thing in the morning is check my email and today's schedule.After that, I meet with job seekers and share with our sales team to introduce jobs. I also send out scout emails and make job offers to job seekers.

Finally, how do you spend your private time?

I love going on picnics and watching the sunset.I feel so happy when I can get in touch with nature while drinking a good cup of coffee.


As a new graduate, he applied to only one job hunting company and was offered a position at a foreign-affiliated company. After that, he went to Australia and joined a 5-star hotel, although he struggled with job hunting. After returning to Japan from Corona Whirlpool, he again struggled with job hunting before joining United World. She supports candidates in their job search activities by utilizing her own experiences.