• Full-time

Publication date: 2024.02.29

Company name not disclosed

#709 [Game Studio] Game Programmer

  • System development (Web, Open, Mobile, Game, Bridge)
  • Tokyo
  • Salary ¥4M~¥7M
職種Position System development (Web, Open, Mobile, Game, Bridge)
会社概要Company profile This position is available only for people residing in Japan.

[Company Profile]
It is a company that develops games that are popular all over the world, such as consumer and mobile games.
Although it is a small scale, it has a passion and technical ability to compete with the world.

The president was a person who developed many side-scrolling exploration action RPGs, and his masterpiece was crowdfunding in 2015, raising over $ 5.54 million, and it is said to be the most "funded game" in Kickstarter history.

[Attractive points of company/work]
・ You can be involved in the development of world-class titles.
・ Although it is a small company, it owns its own IP title that sells on a global scale. Thanks to our own title, we can earn a stable income and provide an environment where we can concentrate on "making a really interesting game" with a large amount of business funds.
仕事内容Job description [Job description]
・ Implementation of in-game players, enemies, gimmicks, UI, etc.
・ Implementation of various systems that control the progress of the game
・ Implementation of game content level elements
・ Implementation of game UI and construction of tools to support production

The work is mainly done using the C ++ language on Visual Studio. Ideas and suggestions to make the game interesting are also important tasks.
応募資格Requirement [Requirements]
・ Experience in developing and implementing consumer games
・ Experience in developing games and tools in the C ++ language
・ Required Japanese ability: N2 (business level)

[Preferred requirements]
・ Production experience with Unreal Engine 4
・ Program work experience while making ideas by yourself

[Personal image]
・ Those who want to make the game interesting while making the best use of their own technology
・ A person who can actively cooperate with staff of other occupations and work on their work
・ Those who want to come up with ideas and suggestions to make the game interesting
日本語力Japanese level Business
雇用形態Employment type Full-time
勤務エリアLocation Tokyo
勤務時間Working hours 10:00〜19:00
想定年収Salary ¥4M~¥7M
条件・待遇Condition Employment Type: Permanent
Trial period: 3 months
Estimated annual income: 4 million yen to 7 million yen
Work location: Tokyo
Working hours: 10:00 to 19:00
Holidays: 2 days a week (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays
Vacation: Summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, and other vacations available
Overtime: 40 hours of deemed overtime
Benefits: Complete social insurance, commuting allowance (according to company regulations), and other benefits
選考についてProcess Number of applicants: 3
Documents required for application: resume, resume of work
Online interview: Available
Interview language: Japanese
Number of interviews (flow): 1-2 times
Application for overseas residents: Unavailable
* May change depending on the situation of the candidate
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