• Full-time employee

Publication date: 2023.11.16

#855 Integration & Operation Manager

  • Sales / Overseas Sales / Business Development / Corporate Planning
  • Tokyo
  • Salary 5M - 12M *Includes 45 hours fixed overtime peymen
#855  インテグレーション & オペレーション・ディベロップメント
職種Position Sales / Overseas Sales / Business Development / Corporate Planning
会社概要Company profile [Company Profile]
Together with RCS (Robotics Convenience Store) and NFC (Nano Fulfillment Center) that utilize automation technology such as miniaturized automated warehouses and robots to meet the needs of Japanese online supermarkets and Q-Commerce operators regarding automation of fulfillment. , A retail tech company that develops and provides commerce platforms and consumer apps that allow more consumers to use online supermarkets and Q-Commerce.

Founded under the vision of "transforming Retail with Digital and Automation to create the next CX," we have raised funds from well-known VCs such as UTEC-University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners and DNX Ventures. increase. Currently, the team has more than 20 members, and we are expanding the number of foreign nationals, especially HW and SW engineers. In addition, we have already introduced one RCS store so far, and we plan to introduce one RCS store and two NFC stores in 2022.

There are many industrial automation / robot solutions for BtoB, but until now, there have been solutions for creating services for BtoC, especially for retail, and for linking automation systems such as robots in real time with EC and apps. This is an area of ​​new challenges that most companies are not tackling. If you would like to take on the challenge together at a fast-growing company, please apply.

[Company / attractiveness of work]
・ A sense of responsibility / speed that cannot be experienced by large companies or strategic consulting firms, which truly creates 0 → 1 together with customers and accompanies the growth of 1 → 100.
・ A wide range of knowledge in finance / legal affairs, procurement / logistics, store operations / strategies, software / hardware areas
・ Flexible and flexible management skills of all stakeholders, such as cross-function collaboration with products, corporate, business development, etc., negotiations with partner companies and customers, etc.
・ Data-driven and issue-driven problem-solving capabilities that go beyond mere implementation work
仕事内容Job description [Job description]
■ Role of Integration & Operations Development Team:
There are two main roles for a team.

The first is PM / consulting for the introduction of solutions after receiving an order for a project. Customers who introduce RCS or NFC have different business environments and operations for each company. In addition, when introducing it, there are various issues to be considered, such as negotiations with our development cooperating companies, contract conclusion, cooperation with customer's system, UI / UX examination, operation flow construction, etc. Based on these, we will work closely with related stakeholders as a driving force for promptly introducing the optimum solution for our customers. It goes without saying that we need to listen to the voices of our customers, and we also need to research the cases of MFC / CFC players in Europe and the United States on a daily basis and constantly pursue the best practices in the world.

The second is a companion partner for improving online business growth and operational performance through NFC and RCS after introduction. We are not just selling equipment, but aiming for a business model that builds a long-term win-win relationship by sharing the fruits of customer growth after introduction. While the operation and maintenance of the system after installation is naturally performed by engineers, this team will use the order data and operation data obtained through RCS / NFC and the feedback directly received from the customers in the field to further their online business. We will work to solve issues for growth. Sometimes, even in areas outside the scope of our solutions, we work extensively as a staff member in the digital domain to solve problems.

[Points that are important]
In order to fulfill these roles, the Integration & Operations Development team places particular importance on the following points and would like to work with those who have such backgrounds.
・ A "big picture view" that has a high antenna in the "retail x digital" domain and plans a strategy based on the collected information.
・ "On-site feeling" that allows you to understand the actual operation of a retail company as "on-site / actual / reality" and to accompany problem solving
・ A "sense of mission" to popularize solutions that are not available in the world and to realize new customer experience / retail industry transformation and creativity
応募資格Requirement [Requirement]
・ The background described in [Points that are important]
・ Native level Japanese ability
One of the following work experience (years are just a guide)
・ Strategy / Comprehensive / IT consulting firm 3 years or more of practice
・ Business development and partnering at a general trading company for more than 3 years
・ Project lead at a business company 3 years or more of practice

[Preferred Requirement]
・ English: More than business conversation
・ EC logistics, establishment of fulfillment center, operational improvement and consulting experience
・ Knowledge of retail and store operations (supermarkets and convenience stores)
日本語力Japanese level Native
雇用形態Employment type Full-time employee
勤務エリアLocation Tokyo
勤務時間Working hours Fixed time or flextime system
想定年収Salary 5M - 12M *Includes 45 hours fixed overtime peymen
条件・待遇Condition Trial period: 3 months
Holidays: 2 days a week (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays
Vacation: Summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, and other vacations available
Benefits: Complete social insurance, commuting allowance (according to company regulations), and other benefits
選考についてProcess Documents required for application: English resume
Online interview: Available
Interview language: English
Number of interviews (flow): 2 times
Application for overseas residents: Not possible
* May change depending on the situation of the candidate
Comments from United World
This is a robot start-up company that has received more than 1 billion yen in funding. It is a global company with many foreign nationals and bilingual Japanese people.