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Foreign-affiliated companies are Japanese companies with a certain amount of foreign investment.

A foreign-owned company is a Japanese company in which a certain amount of foreign investment has been made. This means that a certain percentage of the company's capital structure is foreign-invested.

Another characteristic of foreign-affiliated companies is that they often accept investments from different countries and regions and are linked to international capital flows.

According to the "Summary of the 54th Survey of Trends in Foreign Affiliated Companies" published by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, a foreign-affiliated company is defined as one that meets the following two criteria


A company in which foreign investors hold more than one-third of the shares or equity, and in which the largest foreign investor holds more than 10% of the shares or equity.
An enterprise in which a foreign investor owns more than one-third of the shares or equity, in which the total of direct and indirect investment by the foreign investor exceeds one-third, and in which the foreign investor is the largest investor with an investment ratio of 10% or more.

Let's get some basic information about foreign companies.

In the following, basic information about foreign-affiliated companies is explained from the following perspectives
Characteristics of foreign-affiliated companies
Merits and demerits of working for a foreign-affiliated company
People who are suited and unsuited to work for a foreign-affiliated company
Let's take a look.

Characteristics of foreign-affiliated companies

Characteristics of foreign-affiliated companies are as follows.
Global perspective
Business is generally conducted in a multinational environment. Many employees have the ability to respect and integrate different cultures and languages.
Flexibility and Change
The company must be able to respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the environment. Organizations and business processes often change frequently.
Results-oriented culture
Performance and results are emphasized, and individual contributions tend to be valued. Rewards for results are common.
Cross-cutting communication
A horizontal organizational culture is prevalent, requiring open, cross-functional communication that transcends divisions and positions.
Diversity and Inclusion
Because people from different backgrounds come together in one place, respect for diversity and an inclusive environment are required.

Advantages and disadvantages of working for a foreign company

The general advantages and disadvantages of working for a foreign-affiliated company are as follows.
Foreign-affiliated companies offer a variety of projects and positions, and opportunities for rapid growth and advancement.
Exposure to advanced training and management techniques can enhance professional skills and knowledge.
Global networking and access to professionals from different cultures and industries
International career path through working in a multinational environment and cross-cultural communication
Stressful when flexibility and adaptability to change are required
Difficulty in balancing work and life due to the busy work schedule of many foreign companies.
Difficulty in adapting to a new environment because of the need to adapt to a different culture and work style.

Who is and is not suited to work for a foreign company?

There are people who are suited and unsuited to work for a foreign-affiliated company. Let's take a look at some general characteristics.
People who are suited to work for a foreign-affiliated company
People who can communicate openly and efficiently.
People who have the flexibility to adapt to frequently changing organizational and business situations.
People who respect and can flexibly adapt to different cultures and backgrounds.
Able to collaborate with different departments and international teams
Highly motivated by results and willing to evaluate and improve their own performance.
People who are not suited to working for a foreign company
People who are uncomfortable in a workplace that is constantly changing
People who think the seniority system suits them
People who value stability in the work environment and work-life balance

Four main industries of foreign-affiliated companies

The four main industries for foreign-owned companies are
Manufacturing Industry
Financial Industry
Consulting Industry
IT industry
Below are the characteristics and specific examples of each industry.

1. Foreign-affiliated manufacturing industry

Work at foreign-affiliated manufacturing companies is diverse, with a global outlook and a variety of positions related to manufacturing and production. Specific job titles include
Product Manager
Supply Chain Manager
Research and Development (R&D)
Foreign manufacturing companies require flexibility to respond immediately to technological innovations and market fluctuations, and are composed of a variety of job types accordingly.
Toyota Motor Corporation, Unilever, and Siemens fall under the foreign-affiliated manufacturing industry.

2. Foreign-affiliated financial industry

The main occupations active in foreign-affiliated financial companies are as follows
Investment banker
Research analyst
Risk Analyst
Fund manager
Credit Analyst
These positions require a high level of expertise and communication skills in global financial markets, including corporate capital raising and investment strategies, trading of financial instruments, risk management, and legal compliance.
Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup fall under the category of the foreign financial industry.

3. Foreign-affiliated consulting industry

Foreign-affiliated consulting firms provide a wide range of consulting services, such as proposing management strategies and business process improvements to client companies. Specific job titles are as follows
Project Manager
Management consultants analyze the management issues of client companies and assist in the formulation and implementation of management and operational strategies.
Another part of their job is to analyze clients' business processes in detail and transform their operations and processes to improve their competitiveness.
Accenture, McKinsey, and Boston Consulting fall under the foreign-capital consulting industry.

4. Foreign IT Industry

There are a wide variety of jobs in foreign IT companies. The main types of jobs are as follows
Software development engineer
System architect
Data scientist
Project Managers
Cloud architects
As you can see, there is a wide range of job types in the IT industry. In addition, the IT industry requires specialization and flexibility, as new technologies and job titles are constantly emerging.
Well-known foreign companies in the IT industry include Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft.

How to write a motivation for applying to a foreign company [by industry].

Below is an explanation of how to write a motivation for applying to a foreign-affiliated company for each of the following industries.

Foreign-affiliated manufacturers
Foreign-affiliated finance
Foreign-affiliated consulting
Foreign-affiliated IT

Let's take a look at them along with specific examples.

1. Motivation for applying to a foreign-affiliated manufacturer

It is a good idea to write a motivation for applying to a foreign-affiliated manufacturer based on your global outlook and desire to contribute to technological innovation. The following is a concrete example.

Global outlook

I am attracted to working in a global environment because foreign manufacturers are expanding their business all over the world. I would like to expand my skills and perspective by interacting with different countries and cultures.

Contribution to technological innovation

Many foreign manufacturers are involved in the development of advanced technologies and products. I would like to work in this innovative environment and challenge myself with new technologies to deepen my expertise and develop my career.

2. Motivation for applying to foreign-affiliated finance

It is a good idea to write your motivation for applying to a foreign financial institution based on your interest in the global financial market and your desire to acquire highly specialized knowledge. Examples are as follows.

Interest in global financial markets

Foreign financial institutions operate widely around the world, and I am interested in working in the global financial market. I am interested in working in the global financial market. I would like to gain an international perspective by being exposed to the economies and financial situations of different countries.

[Acquiring Advanced Expertise].

The financial industry is constantly changing and requires a high level of expertise. By working for a foreign financial institution, I expect to gain deep insight into the latest financial trends and transaction strategies.

3. Motivation for applying to work for a foreign-affiliated consulting firm

It is best to write your motivation for applying to a foreign-capital consulting firm based on your willingness to participate in highly diverse projects and your willingness to take on high-level challenges. Examples are as follows.

Willingness to participate in highly diverse projects

Foreign consultants have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries and on a wide range of projects. I would like to improve my flexibility and practical skills by gaining experience in a variety of projects while confronting different client challenges.

[Willingness to take on high-level challenges

At a foreign consulting firm, there are abundant opportunities to tackle strategic issues faced by clients. I would like to achieve personal growth by using my own insight and analytical skills to contribute to the development of the company.

4. Motivations for applying to foreign IT firms

It is a good idea to write your motivation for applying to a foreign IT company based on your interest in the latest technology and your desire to contribute to the industry. Examples are as follows.

Interest in and challenge with the latest technology

Foreign IT companies are always working on the latest technologies and trends. By working in such an environment, I would like to challenge myself and grow in an environment where I am exposed to new technologies and actively continue to learn.

Providing Creative Solutions

IT companies are required to provide creative and effective solutions to their clients. By working for a foreign IT company, I hope to develop such problem-solving skills and contribute to client issues.

Steps to write a motivation for applying to a foreign company

The following are the steps to follow when writing a motivation letter for a foreign company.
Create a structure
Write the conclusion first
Provide supporting evidence
We will explain each step in detail.

1. Creating a structure

First, introduce yourself and clarify the background of your application using interesting elements and episodes. Next, create a structure for your personal statement. The following is a concrete procedure for creating the structure.

1. Demonstrate your understanding of the company

Explain why you chose the company based on your research and understanding of the company. 2.
2. Connect your strengths to the company's characteristics.
List your skills and experience and explain why they are a good fit for the company.
3. linking your personal growth to the company's growth
Show how your growth will contribute to the company's growth.
4. future prospects
Describe how working for the company will lead to your future career goals.

2. Write the Conclusion First

By presenting your conclusion first, you convey a clear message to the reader. It is also a common practice in the business world to state the conclusion first, so it is a good idea to keep this in mind during interviews and other situations as well.

3. Provide supporting evidence

After presenting your conclusion, reinforce your explanation with specific evidence and examples. Be specific about your experience and skills and clearly explain why they are valuable to the company.
Touch on the results of your research about the company and what makes it unique, and explain logically why it is the best choice for you.

Points to consider when writing a motivation for applying to a foreign company

Aspirations for a Foreign CompanyThe following are points to consider when writing a motivation for a foreign company.

Show your language skills
Be specific about your achievements and experience
Mention the attractiveness of the business model and the nature of the business
Explain your future career path

The following is a detailed explanation of these points.

Appealing Language Skills

Be specific about your language skills. By demonstrating your language skills, you can emphasize your ability to communicate smoothly with team members from different nationalities and cultures.

In addition, it will show that you can take a fast and effective approach to the company's expansion and growth in international markets.

In addition, you can also emphasize your ability to take a quick and effective approach to the expansion and growth of your company's international markets.


I am confident that I can utilize my language skills in your global environment and achieve smooth communication with teams from different backgrounds. I am passionate about my career at your company and want to build on my achievements.

Be specific about your accomplishments and experience.

Take stock of your past projects and achievements, and be specific about your successes and accomplishments. This will show how you can adapt to the company's needs. This is a concrete way of explaining how your skills and experience are suited to the type of person and position the company is looking for.

This is a great way to show that you have the desire and ability to achieve the same results at the company you are applying for based on your past achievements.


I believe that I can provide value to the team and the organization with the experience I have gained in my previous positions in the field of "____ (specific results). At your company, I would like to further develop these skills and take on the challenge of achieving new results.

Mention the appeal of your business model and business activities.

Demonstrate an understanding of and empathy with the company's business model and core values. The key is to be specific about why you find the business you are applying for attractive.

For example, focus on the company's growth strategy and vision, and explain how this will lead to success in the future, citing specific examples and strategies. In doing so, it is also important to link the company's vision to your own personal motivations.

You may mention the company's leadership and competitiveness in the industry to which it belongs, and add your desire to gain experience at the forefront of the industry.


I am fascinated by the innovative and original nature of your company's business. For example, I am particularly impressed by the leadership you have established in the market through "XXX (name of product or service). I am attracted to working in such a challenging and fast-growing field, and I sincerely look forward to using my experience and skills to develop your business with you.

Explain your future career path

State your long-term goals for your career and explain why the company is the best fit for you to achieve those goals.

Specifically, focus on the skills, experience, and growth opportunities you would like to gain at the company and why working there will benefit your future career path. The key is to express your expectations for opportunities for promotion or transfer within the company and to express a positive attitude about your career prospects at that company.


I am attracted to the many career growth opportunities your company offers. In particular, my goal is to contribute to the success of your company by fulfilling a project leadership role in the future, and to grow myself at the same time. I look forward to growing together through cooperation with your company.


Through these points

Points to keep in mind when writing a motivation for applying to a foreign company

The following are some tips to keep in mind when writing your motivation for applying to a foreign company.
Check the entry sheets of those who have received job offers
Write with reference to IR information
Set appealing points in line with the results of your company research
Each of these points of caution is explained below.

Check the entry sheets of those who have received job offers

Analyze the entry sheets of those who have received job offers and learn from the examples of successful applicants. Specifically, identify and analyze what approaches and expressions are effective.
Also, pay attention to commonly used keywords and phrases. This will give you an idea of the values the company values and the skills they are looking for.
Additionally, check the style of writing and expression, as well as the format and tone appropriate for the company.
Entry sheets for job offers can be viewed on job sites such as Riku Navi, Job Hunting Note, and Job Hunting Conference.

Writing with reference to IR information

Understand a company's business model and profit structure through IR information. A deep understanding of the company's business will make your motivation more persuasive.
The following are points to look for in IR information.
Earnings forecasts
Management policy
Business reports
Minutes of shareholders' meetings
For example, focus on past performance (business reports) and its projects to understand the company's performance and achievements. Understanding the company's vision and strategy for the future that the company is looking forward to will help you in the interview process.
It is also important to extract the company's values and mission from the IR information and show empathy for them. Show empathy and emphasize that your values are aligned with those of the company.
IR information can be found on the company's corporate website (homepage), so try searching for "company name + corporate" or similar.

Set appeal points in line with the results of your corporate research

When setting your appeal points, be careful not to simply list your strengths. If your appeal points are not in line with your corporate research, they will not be effective in leading to a job offer.
To this end, carefully research the company's official website, IR information, employee feedback, etc., familiarize yourself with the company's vision, mission, business model, etc., and set your appeal points accordingly.
Link the appeal points you have identified with your experience and skills, and explain in detail how you can demonstrate your strengths at the company.
It is also important to mention the company's vision and future prospects and explain why working for the company is important to your career. Organically link your personal career goals to the company's vision.


In this article, we have introduced "Characteristics of Foreign Affiliated Companies" and "How to Write a Motivation for Applying to Foreign Affiliated Companies.
Foreign-affiliated companies and Japanese-affiliated companies differ greatly in terms of diversity and internal culture.
In addition, many companies tend to require high quality motives for application because they attract many personnel with highly specialized knowledge and skills. Therefore, prior research is essential when writing your motivation.
If you are considering changing jobs at such a foreign company and want to "increase your chances of getting a job offer," we recommend using a recruitment agent. By using a recruitment agent, you will be able to find a company that is a good match for you, which will make your job change more efficient.

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