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[2024.6.12 Wed] Online Job Fair

United World is a company that supports job hunting for global talents who want to work in Japan, regardless of nationality.
We will be holding a recruitment event with the aim of providing as many opportunities as possible for international students to work in Japan

Participating companies are global companies from all over Japan that actively hope to recruit international students.
Each company has a 10-minute pitch explaining themselves so that international students can understand the characteristics and strengths of that company, and then consider applying.

Please feel free to join the event with your friends!

Application form for companies :
Application form for international students :

["Online Job Fair" Event Overview]

Hosted by:
United World Inc

June 12, 2024 (Wednesday) at 13:00 - 17:30 (Planned)


About the event:
1. Participating companies will provide a 10-minute explanation of their company, followed by a 5-minute response to questions from international students.
2. After the event, we will conduct a survey among international students, take the initiative in compiling companies that would like to proceed with the application, and after the screening, United World will recommend applicants and move forward with them.

Participation fee: 

About participating companies:
1. Companies across Japan that want to work with international students 
2. Companies across Japan aiming to expand overseas expansion 
3. Industries of participating companies (examples): IT, AI, robots, textiles, games, apparel, marketing, education 
4. There will be a total of 16 participating companies. (planned)

Who can participate: 
1. International students who want to work at a Japanese company (only for those living in Japan)
2. Those who went to Japanese schools before (Already graduated people welcome as well)

What to bring on the day: 
There is nothing special you need to bring on the day.

Post-event flow: 
After the event, we will conduct a survey regarding your intention to apply to the company.
You will be asked to submit documents to the company you wish to apply to, and then proceed to the actual selection process.

Participating companies and Event schedule.
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Flyer for companies
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Flyer for international students
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