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United World Corporation, which provides global human resources search and matching services with the aim of realizing "a world where anyone can work anywhere," conducts interviews with companies at the forefront of their respective industries.

This time, we asked Mr. Ono, a public relations manager at AMBL Corporation, a company specializing in DX promotion that has led the IT industry for more than 20 years since its establishment in 2001 and has achieved steady growth through the creation of new businesses and integration with group companies, to tell us about the company's features and appeal.

AMBL's office

Summary of interview

Comprehensive support for DX promotion in four business areas: AI, Cloud Native (system development), UX Design, and Marketing
More than 100 AI experts on staff.
Unique evaluation system to build a career without going through management
Subsidies for qualification acquisition and educational opportunities to enhance expertise
Strong training for new graduates, with extensive support through on-the-job training and a mentor system.
Open corporate culture. For those who want to work while communicating with colleagues.

What is AMBL Corporation?

AMBL Corporation is a business company that supports the promotion of DX for companies in the four business domains of "AI," "Cloud Native (system development)," "UX Design," and "Marketing. We are able to respond to a wide range of company-specific needs, not only by providing support in each of these areas independently, but also by providing support that combines each of these areas.

DX is a "management agenda" that requires transformation of the business itself, and it is difficult to solve it only with the power of AI, We are confident that our specialists in each of the four business areas can strongly lead DX promotion from the conceptualization stage of the overall picture to all processes of planning and execution.

In addition, in order to address the serious shortage of human resources, which has been the biggest issue in DX promotion in recent years, we have developed and begun operating a unique DX human resource development program from an early stage. This program has been utilized not only for internal human resource development, but also for supporting the development of DX human resources within companies.

About the services we provide

We have more than 100 AI specialists on our staff, and through these specialists, we help companies in a variety of industries, including finance, insurance, telecommunications, and entertainment, promote DX.

Some of our clients are well-known telecommunications giants and entertainment giants that are creating new trends. We have created a system to provide knowledge to more clients by regularly job rotation of engineers who have gained practical experience in many fields.

Recently, we have been focusing on the development of our own AI products. For example, we have developed a system called "AI Number Counter CROSS," which can count the amount of human traffic at multiple locations in real time from a single camera image. This system is being used as part of our marketing measures by understanding the number of visitors and the time they stay at events, commercial facilities, and theme parks at different times of the day.

AI Person Counter CROSS: A system that can count the amount of human traffic at multiple locations in real time from a single camera image.

We are also developing various other AI models, including a system that can determine age and gender by image even when wearing a mask, a detection system for white canes, wheelchairs, and baby strollers, and a traffic jam detection system to determine congestion.

White cane/wheelchair and stroller detection system

Company History and Expansion

Let me give you a brief history of our company. AMBL originally started as a company called M-Field, which was founded in 2001 by Toru Sakurai, the current chairman of AMBL.

Then, in 2017, we spun off our web integration business and established balconia Corporation as a wholly owned subsidiary. In 2019, the AI human resource development, education, and data analysis businesses were spun off to form AI Field Corporation, and in 2022, these three companies were integrated to strengthen the structure and the company name was changed to AMBL.

Since the merger of the three companies, the number of employees has grown to nearly 700, and the scale of operations continues to expand.

Education System

The Company has a very well-developed education and training system that supports members' desire to learn by providing support for the acquisition of approximately 150 different qualifications and a menu of approximately 200 training programs per year. One specific example is a system that provides qualification incentives for those who obtain company-recommended qualifications.

Typical training programs for young career professionals include the "Java Course" (2 months) and the "AWS Course" (3 months). We also offer highly specialized training menus such as data scientist development training.

The company offers a full range of training programs for young employees, including a Java course (image source: AMBL Corporation recruitment website).

Newly graduated employees are required to take IT training for three months after joining the company, allowing them to learn a wide range of IT basics and development languages.

For the first year after assignment, on-the-job training and mentoring will be provided to support your work, so you can learn your job with peace of mind. The mentor system is also available for career hires.

Employees of AMBL Corporation


Characteristics of successful employees

The abilities and skills required will differ depending on the type of job, position, and project, but I think one thing that all of the people who are active in this field have in common is that they are eager to learn. Many of them are highly motivated to grow, and many of them voluntarily study for qualifications to improve their skills, for example, by getting together every week to hold study sessions.

The IT industry is an industry that is in a state of rapid transition, and I feel that this kind of updating of each person's knowledge and skills is a major factor supporting the company's growth.

One of the characteristics of our projects is that many projects are carried out by a single team while stationed within the client's company for a long period of time, so those who communicate well with engineers both inside and outside the company and take the initiative in leading projects are highly trusted and highly evaluated.

Employees of AMBL Corporation


About the Evaluation System

One of the features of our evaluation system is that you can build your own career by enhancing your expertise, even if you are not necessarily involved in management. Japanese companies often have a system in which you cannot get a raise or salary increase unless you are in a managerial position.

Evaluation criteria are based on the degree to which quantitative and qualitative targets set at the beginning of the fiscal year are achieved throughout the fiscal year, and feedback is provided at the end of the fiscal year. The method of setting goals is also determined to some extent in detail according to the job type and grade.

The basic axis of evaluation is how much the employee's level has improved over the year, but once a half year, an evaluation meeting is held to confirm the level of achievement with the supervisor. If you meet your performance goals, your grade will increase, and your salary will increase regardless of the number of years you have been with us.

However, if you have your own career vision or a new programming language you would like to learn, we would be happy to discuss it with you and provide you with such opportunities.

Future Outlook

Thanks to your support, the scale of our business is expanding, our number of employees is increasing, and we are in the process of consulting with many new clients.

We will continue to strive to improve our services so that we can become an indispensable presence in accelerating DX promotion for more and more companies.

Internally, as our organization is rapidly expanding, we would like to focus on fostering a corporate culture.

We are actively promoting remote work, and all employees gather together once a year for our annual employee meeting. It is a good opportunity to deepen friendship with members who do not usually see each other in person.

In addition, we have introduced the AMB(A)L, which allows employees to enjoy free food and beverages once a month while deepening exchanges, and the club activity system, which is designed to enhance a sense of unity among employees regardless of their job titles or teams.

Employees of AMBL Corporation

Message to future colleagues

The company has a very open atmosphere, which is unusual for a company of this size. Employees enjoy casual conversations with each other, and the president and employees are often seen actively interacting with each other. As an engineer, it is easy to become lonely, but the members of the company are all very friendly, and I think this is the perfect environment for those who want to work in a friendly atmosphere while discussing business matters and communicating with each other.


AMBL Corporation has more than 100 AI specialists on its staff. AMBL Corporation has more than 100 AI specialists on staff. It seems that the company attracts highly skilled people because of its system and environment that allows them to enhance their expertise.

The company's business is also innovative, with projects that approach social issues such as detection systems for white canes, wheelchairs, and baby strollers, making it an attractive place to work.

If you are interested in AMBL Corporation, please contact United World.

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