[HUMEDIT Corporation] Rapid growth in medical x IT x genetic testing. Work environment and fulfilling system that allows childcare generation to play an active role.


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【株式会社HUMEDIT】  医療×IT×遺伝子検査で急成長。子育て世代が活躍しやすい職場環境と充実の制度

United World, Inc., which provides global human resources search and matching services with the aim of creating a "world where anyone can work anywhere," conducts interviews with companies at the forefront of their respective industries for the purpose of introducing them to our readers.

This time, we asked Ms. Kamimori, a recruiter at HUMEDIT Corporation, which was established by a doctor in 2006 and continues to make great strides as a pioneer of NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis) testing in Japan, to tell us about the company's features and appeal.

Summary of interview

  • Established in 2006. Providing new medical services by combining medical care and IT
  • Strengths in the system for NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis) testing completely in Japan.
  • A corporate culture that emphasizes speed. Improvement through operation, rather than aiming for perfection from the beginning.
  • More than 70% of employees are women. Some of them hold positions while raising children.
  • The atmosphere is very understanding toward child rearing, with many employees having experience in child rearing. Paid time off is available every hour.
  • Bonuses are paid three times a year. 360 degree evaluation" is used for personnel evaluation.
  • We are looking for people with a positive attitude and a spirit of challenge, and people who are good at teamwork.

What is HUMEDIT Corporation?

HUMEDIT Corporation, founded in 2006 by its representative Oka, a physician, has expanded its business with the mission of providing new medical services by combining medicine and IT.

Currently, the company's strength lies in its ability to provide NIPT (new-type prenatal diagnosis) testing, which continues to grow in demand in the medical industry, completely in Japan. Although NIPT (New Prenatal Diagnosis) is a common test in other countries, it is not actively implemented in Japan due to ethical issues.

If you wish to undergo NIPT testing in Japan, you generally have to transport your specimen (blood) to an overseas laboratory and wait for the results. This requires two weeks to one month to receive the results, and the risk of loss or crash during transportation must be taken into consideration.

On the other hand, our NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis) test uses our own "Tokyo Sanitary Laboratory," eliminating the risk and cost of overseas transportation. In addition, the average time to receive the results is only 2 to 3 days, which is a significant reduction. NIPT test specimens (blood) collected from affiliated clinics nationwide are tested here, and the results are delivered directly to the individual through our unique IT system.

We believe that our mission is to deliver appropriate medical services and information to those in need in a timely manner.

About the services we provide

In addition to NIPT (new prenatal diagnosis) testing, the Tokyo Sanitary Inspection Center, operated by MHI, conducts a variety of genetic testing. We also have a system development base in the Philippines, and are engaged in various businesses that cross medical care and IT.

Various businesses developed by HUMEDIT Corporation

Clinical Laboratory BusinessIn addition to NIPT (new type of prenatal diagnosis) testing, we conduct a variety of genetic tests. We also provide information on genetic testing to medical institutions.
Medical Service BusinessWe develop medical franchises and establish clinics with the aim of proposing optimal medical care, and provide support to medical institutions using IT technology.
IT BusinessWith offices in Japan and the Philippines, we develop and maintain systems that solve medical issues.
Recruitment and Temporary Staffing BusinessWe are licensed to operate a fee-charging employment agency business and a worker dispatch business, and are developing an employment agency business targeting physicians and other medical professionals.
Product DevelopmentUnder the guidance of dermatologists, we develop and market cosmetics and supplements.

Four Management Principles

We have four action guidelines: "Slow and Slow", "Thoroughness in All Matters", "Thoughtfulness and Thoughtfulness", and "Self-Discipline".

Among these four words, "skillful, slow, and speedy" is deeply rooted within the company, and we conduct our business with a sense of speed. There are, of course, those who say, "As long as there is a client, shouldn't we always work at 100% effort or achieve near perfect scores? However, in this day and age when social conditions and laws are changing one after another, the form of services and systems that are needed are also changing all the time. I believe that this term has taken root widely in our culture because it implies that we should not be afraid of change, but always have flexible thinking and a sense of speed, and continue to choose methods that will benefit as many people as possible.

Characteristics of our active employees

For example, salespeople will be selling the introduction of testing to hospitals and clinics, so they need to keep up with the latest topics in basic medical knowledge and genetics, not limited to information around NIPT (new prenatal diagnostic tests).

Despite the fact that their previous jobs were not in the medical industry, many of them are always eager to learn and are willing to take on new challenges. As the phrase "skillful, slow, and fast" in our management philosophy suggests, when faced with a challenge, they do not look for "reasons why it cannot be done," but rather think about "how it can be done" and then take action.

Another characteristic of our company is that approximately 70% of our employees are women, a relatively high percentage. Some women hold positions while raising children, and many of them have experience in child rearing, so they are often asked, "If your child has an event, you should go home early. Can you pick up your child in time? There is an atmosphere of mutual care and concern. In addition, we are striving to create a flexible work environment, for example, by allowing employees to take paid holidays in one-hour increments.

About the Evaluation System

The Company offers three bonus payments in conjunction with personnel evaluations three times a year. For personnel evaluations, we use a "360-degree evaluation," which is a combination of self-evaluation and evaluation by others. The results are fed back to the individual as a score, but as for the evaluation by others, the selection is anonymous and random, and we do not even know who evaluated you and how they evaluated you.

Because it is an impartial evaluation program, even those who feel they do not have a good evaluation can find out that others are evaluating them, or conversely, discover blind spots that they are not aware of. I feel that the program provides a good opportunity to look back at oneself with objectivity, such as "I can be more confident" or "I need to fix this part.

Education System

Regarding the education system, mid-career hires basically receive mainly on-the-job training. However, for sales personnel, basic knowledge of medicine and genetics is required, so our representative, who is also a doctor, conducts training himself.

In addition, since we have a system development base in the Philippines, there are times when communication in English is necessary, so we put a lot of effort into improving the English language skills of our employees. We provide everyone with textbooks and conduct weekly quizzes.

Future Outlook

Currently, we are in the process of preparing for business expansion not only in the Philippines but also in other parts of the world. In the clinical testing business as well, we would like to increase the number of variations beyond the tests we currently offer.

Overseas, genetic testing is more major than in Japan, and various testing methods are being established on a daily basis. We would like to speed up our efforts to introduce new testing methods. We currently have 11 contracted clinics in Japan, and our policy is to gradually increase the number of clinics in the future, so we would like to provide solid support as a back office.

In addition, with the expansion of our business, we would like to put more effort into recruiting new graduates, which we will start in 2023, and we would like to conduct more aggressive recruiting activities so that we can meet more of you in the coming year and beyond.

Message to future colleagues

Once again, I would like to reiterate that I believe that our company is a good fit for those who can tackle everything with a sense of speed and a positive attitude, those who have a spirit of challenge, and those who like new things.

If you are good at working in a team environment, collaborating with people from various professions, you will find it challenging and rewarding to work here.


HUMEDIT Corporation is developing in the area of medical x IT. The services provided by HUMEDIT are expected to be in high demand in the future, and Ms. Kamimori, our interviewer in charge of human resource recruitment, feels that the demand is growing. HUMEDIT is also expanding overseas, and is making efforts to improve the English language skills of its employees.

United World is committed to supporting your career with the aim of creating a world where anyone can work anywhere.

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