• Full-time employee

Publication date: 2023.11.20

#1321 [EV x Web Services] Mobile App Engineer

  • System development (Web, Open, Mobile, Game, Bridge)
  • Tokyo
  • Salary ¥4.5M - ¥7M
#1321【EV x ウェブサービス】モバイルエンジニア
職種Position System development (Web, Open, Mobile, Game, Bridge)
会社概要Company profile [Company Profile]
A global venture company from Japan that aims to be a leading company in sustainable e-mobility.
The company handles the entire process of EV vehicle (electric two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles) development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service, and has the largest market share in India for electric three-wheeled vehicles called "e-rickshaws". In addition to its head office in Tokyo, they operate in three Asian countries and contributes to the creation of employment opportunities for low-income people around the world, improving their lives and creating a more affluent society.

[Attractive points of company/work]
They boast the largest share of the Indian market for EV motorcycles and three-wheeled bikes and are engaged in business directly related to solving issues surrounding the EV market from a carbon-neutral background around the world.
仕事内容Job description [Job description]
You will be working on the development of our EV charging infrastructure service and will be responsible for both the mobile application used by users and the web system used by charging spot owners for management across the board, with back-end development as your main focus.

- Development of new functions
- Development of new services
- Improvement of existing functions
- System improvement (new technology verification, measures against impossibility, etc.)

Skill sets:
・AWS Amazon Dynamodb
・AWS Amazon Lambda
・AWS Amazon S3
・AWS Amazon Amazon API Gateway
・AWS Amazon EC2
・AWS Amazon OpenSearch Service
・AWS Amazon ECS
・AWS Amazon ECR
・AWS Amazon RDS
・AWS Amazon CloudFront
・AWS Amazon Route 53
・Google Firebase
応募資格Requirement [Requirements]
- Business level English and Japanese language skills
- More than 3 years of experience as a backend engineer
- Experience in development using SQL / NoSQL database
- Experience in development using AWS cloud
- Experience in development using Google Firebase

[Preferred requirements]
- Development experience with the above skill sets
日本語力Japanese level Business
雇用形態Employment type Full-time employee
勤務エリアLocation Tokyo
勤務時間Working hours 9:00 - 18:00
想定年収Salary ¥4.5M - ¥7M
条件・待遇Condition [Conditions]
Employment Type: Permanent
Trial period: months: 6months
Estimated annual income: ¥4.5M - ¥7M
Work location: Tokyo
Working hours: 9:00-18:00
Holidays: 2 days a week (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays
Vacation: Summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, and other vacations available
Overtime: Average 30h/month
Benefits: Complete social insurance, commuting allowance (according to company regulations), and other benefits
選考についてProcess [About selection]
Number of applicants: a few
Documents required for application: resume, resume of work
Online interview: Available
Interview language: Japanese&English
Number of interviews (flow): 1-3times
Application for overseas residents: Available
* May change depending on the situation of the candidate
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