• Full-time

Publication date: 2023.09.15

#1893 [Start-up company from the University of Tokyo] Data business development/consultant (no experience required)

  • Sales / Overseas Sales / Business Development / Corporate Planning
  • Tokyo
  • Salary Estimated annual income: ¥4M~10M
職種Position Sales / Overseas Sales / Business Development / Corporate Planning
会社概要Company profile [Company Profile]
The company, a startup from the University of Tokyo, provides analysis services using alternative data (big data that has not been utilized to date). They process and analyze alternative data collected from domestic data holders (companies that provide data through partnerships) and develop it as a SaaS product. Although they are still an organization of less than 30 people, they use insights obtained from various alternative data such as POS data, credit card data, point card data, and location information data to a wide range of customers, from overseas institutional investors to domestic government offices and business companies.

[Background of recruitment]
For Business Expansion

[Attractive points of company/work]
・You will be able to be involved at the forefront of various data utilization and deeply feel the impact on the world.
・Able to be involved not only in development but also in business startup
・Able to be involved in business startup as an initial member of the solution team
・There are still only about 30 people in the organization, so each person has a lot of discretion.
・They have multiple employees of foreign nationality, and all MTG is conducted in English, creating a global environment that is suitable for those who want to make use of their English skills.
仕事内容Job description [Job description]
Since its founding, the company, a venture company originating from the University of Tokyo, has been a leading company in the alternative data field, providing data analysis services to global financial institutions (investment banks, hedge funds), governments, etc. You will drive the business as a BizDev to accelerate growth.
・Sales, research, and analysis work related to products (JCB Consumption NOW, Nikkei CPINow, AlternaData, etc.) and new data holders
・Measures and planning to promote new business development
・Preparation of materials accompanying research work
・Client follow-up, operation design, execution
応募資格Requirement [Requirements]
Experience in any of the following
・Solution sales experience for corporations
・Work experience at a consulting firm

・High IT literacy
・Ability to suggest materials
・Communication skills to understand the other person's points and organize a conversation
・logical thinking
・Work experience using PowerPoint and Excel
・English proficiency at everyday conversation level (reading, writing and conversation)

[Who we want]
・People with a passion for “wanting to change the world of data analysis and research”
・People who have a commitment to numerical targets and can keep thinking about what added value they can provide.
・Those who have high intellectual curiosity and are eager to acquire knowledge such as data analysis and industry knowledge.
・Those who can think flexibly without being bound by fixed ideas
・Those who can work independently to achieve results not only individually but also as an organization
・Those who have strong communication skills and are willing to communicate with a variety of members such as engineers and external clients.
日本語力Japanese level Fluent
雇用形態Employment type Full-time
勤務エリアLocation Tokyo
勤務時間Working hours Working hours: Discretionary labor system
想定年収Salary Estimated annual income: ¥4M~10M
条件・待遇Condition [Conditions]
Employment Type: Permanent
Trial period: 3 months
Estimated annual income: ¥4M~10M
Work location: Tokyo (Office work or remote work can be selected depending on the day. Full remote negotiation is possible)
Working hours: Discretionary labor system
Holidays: 2 days a week (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays
Vacation: Summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, and other vacations available
Benefits: Complete social insurance, commuting allowance (according to company regulations), and other benefits
選考についてProcess [About selection]
Number of applicants: 1~2 people
Documents required for application: resume, resume of work
Online interview: Available
Interview language: Japanese
Number of interviews (flow): 3 times
Application for overseas residents: Unavailable
* May change depending on the situation of the candidate
Comments from United World
The company, a startup from the University of Tokyo, provides analysis services using alternative data (big data that has not been utilized to date).