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Publication date: 2024.06.06

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#316 [Major Trading company] PM/PL

  • PdM / PM / PMO / PL / QA
  • Tokyo
  • Salary ¥7M - ¥18M
#316 【大手総合商社グループ】PM/PL
職種Position PdM / PM / PMO / PL / QA
会社概要Company profile [Company Profile]
It is a company established as a group of experts in utilizing advanced technology to realize and accelerate DX (digital transformation) of a major general trading company group. The company provides technology development functions and digital infrastructure for problem setting, planning, demonstration experiments, and realization to solve business and social issues and promote new business development in various global business areas. Since they propose DX to nearly 1000 group companies, they can play an active role in a wide range of fields such as media, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, infrastructure, resources, transport aircraft, construction machinery, and real estate.

[Recruitment background]
The background of this recruitment is that the number of overseas projects and joint development has increased, and communication skills in English have also been emphasized. Also, the company is promoting many projects centered on the various business fields of major general trading companies, and they are actively hiring project managers/project leaders to strengthen our in-house production capabilities.
仕事内容Job description [Job description]
There are many new business and application development projects in the DX projects of each group operating company of a major general trading company.
In those projects, you will mainly be in charge of the following tasks.
・ Business planning proposal / requirement definition / development plan formulation / promotion / architecture design of software development project
* If necessary, you will also be in charge of reviewing application design and development.
・ Survey of technical partners, technical confirmation

[About participating projects]
Due to the wide range of target industries and businesses, the types of projects supported are also diverse.
Here is an example of a project that they have implemented in the past.
・ IoT platform development for manufacturing industry (RaspberryPixAWS)
・ Development of IoT platform for logistics (original sensor device xGCP)
・ In-house similar document search system (NLP)
・ Smart office platform development (AWS serverless xSPA)

[Characteristics and attractiveness of company/work]
- As a member of the DX team of a major general trading company joined from the planning stage and are proceeding with various projects.
- Since they are also targeting group operating companies, they can handle data from various industrial fields.
- Because they are close to trading company members who have on-site knowledge, they can proceed smoothly with cooperation.
- Members with advanced technology and knowledge, including various startup partners, are participating in the project.

[In-house atmosphere]
The company is founded in 2019, so the whole team is creating a corporate culture. There is a lot of communication within the company, and it is an environment where it is easy to give flat opinions. The company is building an organization with the value that it is important to always create a good environment for engineers by actively incorporating things that look good, such as tools and the environment.

[Development environment]
The development environment is selected one by one depending on the project, but Python is often used as the language. Regarding infrastructure, the company is actively adopting cloud environments such as AWS and GCP at the discretion of the team.
Slack / Confluence / Wrike etc. are used as communication / project management tools.
応募資格Requirement [Requirements]
■Experience in any of the following areas related to project management (at least 3 years of experience)
- Experience participating in a large-scale development project (man-months or more) as a PM/PL from the project start-up phase through to project completion.
- Experience participating in a project from the planning/conceptualization stage and proactively coordinating with various stakeholders, including multiple departments, to promote the project so that it can be launched as a development project.
- Specific skills related to project management
- The ability to take the lead in project development planning (schedule, cost, organization, scope definition, etc.), and project promotion after explaining and obtaining agreement from relevant parties.
- Be able to take the initiative in defining business requirements and system requirements with engineers, while taking the initiative in interviewing customers/users.
- If necessary, take the role of a starter, prepare explanatory and discussion materials, and involve all parties involved in the project.
- The candidate should have basic ideas on project management such as PMBOK, etc., and be able to share them with appropriate parties in the event of unforeseen circumstances, etc., and take the lead in formulating and executing response policies.
- Experience in participating in projects using a specific development methodology, regardless of position, such as waterfall.

■Development skills (any of the following)
- Server side design and development
- Front-end design and development

[Preferred Requirements]
■Project management skills (any of the following)
- Experience in taking the lead in project direction review and proposal, not only from the development perspective but also from the business perspective.
- Even if you are assigned to a project in the middle of a project, you should have experience in proactively coordinating QCDS with users or reviewing plans, using your own management skills, and obtaining consensus among the parties involved.
- In addition to the success of the project, the candidate should have contributed to the development of the organization's internal team or to the fostering of relationships within the organization.

■Development Skills
- Infrastructure design and construction
- Experience in building/operating/reviewing web systems in any cloud environment such as AWS/GCP/Azure
- Smartphone application design and development
- Design and development experience in iOS (swift) and Android (Java or Kotlin)
- System design and development using IoT devices
- System design/development experience using sensors and LPWA (Sigfox, etc.)
- Experience in Agile development

■English Proficiency
- Able to proceed with requirement definition/design/development while conversing with English speakers.

[Ideal personality]
- Sense of responsibility: Ability to take ownership of one's work in the workplace
- Breakthrough/promotion: Demonstrate leadership and problem-solving skills even in difficult situations.
- Growth potential: Positive attitude to take on challenges in new and difficult areas.
- Collaboration: Respect and trust the people around you, communicate well, and work as a team to achieve results.
日本語力Japanese level None
雇用形態Employment type Full-time
勤務エリアLocation Tokyo
勤務時間Working hours 9: 30-17: 45 (scheduled working hours 7 hours 15 m
想定年収Salary ¥7M - ¥18M
条件・待遇Condition [Conditions]
Estimated annual income: ¥7M - ¥18M
* Estimated annual income includes bonuses (twice in summer and winter)
Trial period: 3 months *No change in the working condition and salary
Work location: Basically, full-remote work, but after Corona, there is a possibility that you will work at the office in Tokyo twice a week.
Working hours: 9: 30-17: 45 (scheduled working hours 7 hours 15 minutes)
Flextime: Yes
Overtime: Within 20 hours per month on average
Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays * 120 days of annual holidays
Leave: 7 days of year-end and New Year holidays, paid leave (20 days a year, divided by the number of remaining months in the first year)
Social insurance: Health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance
Commuting allowance: paid based on company regulations
Severance pay: Aveilable
Measures against second-hand smoke: No smoking indoors (smoking room available)
Others: Prenatal and postnatal absenteeism system (6 weeks before and 8 weeks after childbirth), etc.

- Commuting allowance: Provided based on company regulations
- Overtime allowance: Fixed overtime pay (excess is paid separately)
- Retirement allowance

- Prenatal and postnatal absenteeism system (6 weeks before and 8 weeks after childbirth), etc.
- Use of external welfare services
- Flextime system
- No smoking in the office
選考についてProcess [About selection]
Documents required for application: Rirekisho and Shokumukeirekisho
Online interview: Available * There will be one face-to-face interview until the job offer.
Interview language: Japanese
Number of interviews (flow): Screening process → 1st interview (CEO / CTO interview) → 2nd interview (engineer interview) → Final interview → Job offer
* May change depending on the situation of the candidate
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