18 recommended recruitment agents for engineers, how to choose a recruitment agent and what to look out for.


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For engineers, changing jobs is a major step in career advancement. However, in order to take that first step, it is essential to select a reliable recruitment agent. In this article, we will explain in detail how to choose a career change agent for engineers and what to look out for in order to help you choose the right one. We also introduce 18 recommended recruitment agents for engineers and compare their features and support. Use this information to find the best recruitment agent for you and build a better career.

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How to choose a recruitment agent for engineers

Now, we will explain in detail how to choose the best recruitment agent for engineers from three different perspectives. Please refer to these points to choose the best recruitment agent for you.

Specialization Specialization and Target Fields Specialties

When choosing a recruitment agency for engineers, it is important to check what specialties the agency specializes in and in which fields they are strong. For example, choosing an agent that specializes in a field in which you have experience or interest, such as software development, networking, AI, etc., will provide you with in-depth knowledge of that field and a wealth of job information. Agents who specialize in a particular field will be able to provide you with detailed industry trends and better matches in that technical field, so you can expect a job search that is tailored to your needs.

Support and Career Advice

The quality of support and career advice offered is also important when choosing a recruitment agent for engineers. A good agent will offer specific advice in terms of resume writing assistance, interview preparation, and career planning. Choosing an agency with a dedicated career advisor will ensure that you receive detailed support tailored to your individual situation and that your job search goes smoothly. By building a good relationship with a career advisor, you can expect to efficiently find the right job for you and be successful.

Quality and quantity of jobs

When choosing a recruitment agency for engineers, it is important to check the quality and quantity of jobs they handle. Quality jobs have detailed job descriptions and provide specific information about the company culture and projects. Choosing an agent that has a large number of jobs will also make it easier to find the right job for you from a variety of options. To check the quality of jobs, you can refer to the type of companies the agency has worked with in the past and reviews from people who have actually used their services.

Introduction of recommended recruitment agents

Let’s introduce 19 recommended recruitment agencies for engineers. Compare their features and support content to find the best recruitment agency for you.

Agency NameSpecializationMain Target Fields
United WorldGlobal Companies, Foreign CompaniesForeign and Global Companies
Mynavi IT AgentIT/Web Engineers20s, Second New Graduates
Leverages CareerIT Engineers, DesignersIT/Web
Recruit Agent ITIT EngineersIT Industry Overall
GeeklyIT, Web, GamingIT/Web/Gaming Industries
TechStars AgentIT/Web/GamingIT/Web/Gaming Industries
Type Career Agent ITIT/Web Related JobsIT Industry, especially Women’s Job Support
Doda Engineer ITIT Industry OverallIT Industry Overall
WorkportIT, WebIT Beginners, Late 20s to Mid-30s
GreenIT/Web IndustryYoung IT/Web Experienced Professionals in their 20s-30s
In-house SE Career NaviIn-house System Engineers (SE)IT Industry
IT Pro PartnersFreelance IT Engineers, Web Designers, MarketersFreelance, Remote Work
Cloud LinkIT, In-house DevelopmentIT Industry, Young to Mid-level Engineers
BizReachHigh-ClassHigh Salary, Management, Specialist Positions
RandstadTemp, Recruitment SupportForeign Companies, Short-term or Part-time Jobs
UzuzBeginnersIT Engineers, Starting a Career from Scratch
First-time EngineerNo Practical Experience20s, Second New Graduates, IT Industry
TechClips AgentIT Engineers OnlyIT Industry, Positions with Annual Salary Over 5 Million Yen
Willof TechIT EngineersIT Industry Overall

United World

"United World" is a recruitment agency specializing in global companies. It offers a wealth of job opportunities in foreign and global companies, fully supported by experienced bilingual advisors.

Additionally, they have a rich track record of job placements such as "over 800 jobs available using English", "97% increase in annual income for job seekers", and "94% interview satisfaction rate". They listen carefully to each user and introduce jobs that match their preferences, allowing for efficient job searching. These features make United World a recommended agency for those considering a career move to foreign or global companies.

Reference: https://unitedworld.jp/

Mynavi IT Agent

Mynavi IT Agent is a career support service for IT and web engineers. This service is free to use and provides a wealth of job opportunities mainly targeting people in their 20s and second new graduates. It also handles many non-public job listings, with career advisors who are familiar with the industry providing consistent support.

The retention rate after changing jobs is very high at 97.5%, with no restrictions on the number of uses or duration. Prompt response to inquiries and expert advice are key to successful job changes. Additionally, specialized recruiting advisors provide company know-how as part of their support, and continuous follow-up is available even after securing a job offer.

Official site: https://mynavi-agent.jp/it/

Leverages Career

Leverages Career is a recruitment agency specializing in IT engineers and designers. Career advisors with specialized knowledge provide broad support, from job introductions to document review and condition negotiation. Boasting the largest number of IT and web job listings in the industry, they offer a variety of options from excellent startups to major companies. You can easily communicate with advisors via LINE, and the success rate of transitioning to your desired company is high. They are also well-informed about company information and the latest details of the actual work sites, with comprehensive interview and selection support, resulting in low mismatches after joining the company.

With over 7,000 annual visits to companies, they provide unique information obtained from interviews with site managers. In addition to career support through job placement, they also conduct business consignment and dispatch business, allowing them to gather detailed information from people currently working at companies and development sites.

Official site: https://career.levtech.jp/

Recruit Agent IT

Recruit Agent IT is a recruitment agency for IT engineers with a very large number of job listings. As of April 2022, they have over 110,000 job listings, including over 60,000 non-public listings. This agency has career advisors who are well-versed in the IT industry, offering job proposals that consider individual potential and career paths, rather than just skill matching.

Detailed support is provided, including document review, interview preparation, and communication with companies. They also handle interview scheduling and condition negotiation, ensuring that you are well-prepared to pass the selection process. There is no limit on the number of times you can use their service, allowing for repeated use as needed.

Official site: https://www.r-agent.com/it_engineer/


Geekly is a recruitment agency specializing in the IT, web, and gaming industries. This agency offers one-stop support from job introduction to selection preparation by career advisors with specialized knowledge. Leveraging the abundance of job listings, they provide high-precision matching services based on the job seeker's desired conditions, efficiently finding the ideal workplace.

Additionally, consultants manage the job search schedule, completing the process from registration to job offer in an average of about 25 days, enabling a speedy job change. All services, including consultations, job information browsing, document creation, and salary negotiation, are provided for free. Moreover, Geekly's scout emails are highly detailed, and the speed of follow-up after registration is highly rated by users.

Official site: https://www.geekly.co.jp/

TechStars Agent

TechStars Agent is a career support service specializing in the IT, web, and gaming industries. Partnering with over 1,300 companies, they have over 10,000 job listings. Experienced consultants provide support for resume review and interview preparation, achieving an average annual salary increase of 500,000 to 1,000,000 yen.

The service is free to use, offering career strategies tailored to each job seeker’s future goals, minimizing mismatches after changing jobs. Additionally, there are many job listings that allow full remote work, and challenges at the manager level are also possible. By confirming detailed conditions, they communicate desired salaries to companies, making it easier to find jobs that match your criteria.

Official site: https://techstars.jp/lp/agent/

Type Career Agent IT

Type Career Agent IT is a career support service specializing in IT and web-related professions. This agency offers a wide range of job listings for IT consultants, in-house SEs, system planners, web designers, web engineers, and more, with over 25,000 non-public listings. Dedicated advisors provide detailed information about companies and working environments that are not conveyed in job listings, and offer comprehensive support for job applications, including document review and interview preparation.

They also provide follow-up and salary negotiations after securing a job offer, with about 78% of users achieving a salary increase. Advisors are available for meetings on weekday evenings and weekends, and there is also specialized support for women's job changes, making it particularly strong in supporting women’s career transitions. Thus, Type Career Agent IT is a very strong choice for those considering a career change in the IT industry.

Official site: https://type.career-agent.jp/

Doda Engineer IT

Doda Engineer IT is a career service specializing in the IT industry, boasting around 50,000 job listings, one of the largest in the industry. This agency has a wealth of support experience for popular companies and various professions, with professional career advisors providing custom-made job introductions tailored to each person’s career and preferences. Advisors, who are well-versed in the industry, offer detailed support at every stage of the job search process, from document review and interview preparation to submission of application documents and interview scheduling.

Moreover, the service is completely free to use, making it easily accessible to job seekers. Therefore, Doda Engineer IT is a very valuable resource for those considering a career change in the IT industry.

Official site: https://doda.jp/engineer/


Workport is a recruitment agency specializing in the IT and web industries. It provides a comfortable environment for job seekers, especially those who are beginners in the IT field or in their late 20s to mid-30s. Job introductions are prompt, with a wide variety of job listings, making it suitable for those seeking urgent career changes. After registration, a dedicated career concierge provides consistent support, including the creation of application documents and interview preparation through mock interviews.

They also run a free programming school called “Minsuku,” offering comprehensive educational support for industry beginners. However, since Workport is strong in the IT and web industries, job listings in other industries or regions are limited. The service area mainly covers the Kanto and Kansai regions.

Official site: https://www.workport.co.jp/


The recruitment agency “Green” specializes in the IT and web industries, offering a wealth of job listings, especially for young IT/web professionals in their 20s-30s. Compared to major agencies, Green provides a wealth of IT job listings, particularly those from startups and venture companies.

The site's scout and recommendation features are very comprehensive, allowing users to be directly scouted by companies and headhunters frequently. Additionally, the “I’m Interested” button allows users to easily approach companies and get a feel for the corporate culture from the job listings. By actively utilizing the scout system, users can directly contact companies and set up casual interviews, providing opportunities to understand the company culture and job details more deeply before applying.

Official site: https://get.green-japan.com/

In-house SE Career Navi

In-house SE Career Navi is a recruitment agency service specializing in in-house system engineers (SE). Career consultants well-versed in the IT industry provide support in three formats: casual interviews, career interviews, and online interviews. Job seekers can consult for free even before starting their job search, and can also conduct interviews for information gathering.

In-house SE Career Navi offers a wide range of job listings, including many from major companies such as CyberAgent. They provide job introductions tailored to skills and career plans, offering quick and detailed support. With an average of 25.6 partner companies, users can find optimal workplaces from a diverse selection of options.

Official site: https://se-navi.jp/

IT Pro Partners

IT Pro Partners is a specialized agency for freelance IT engineers, web designers, marketers, and other technical and business positions. This agency offers a wealth of flexible projects that can be started from two to three days a week, including many remote and time-flexible jobs.

By directly contracting with clients, they provide high-paying projects with a very fast job decision process. They handle various positions, not just engineers, but also web designers and marketers. IT Pro Partners is especially recommended for those who want to juggle multiple projects, balance work with childcare or caregiving, or devote time to self-improvement or preparing for entrepreneurship.

Official site: https://itpropartners.com/

Cloud Link

Cloud Link is a recruitment agency supporting career changes in the IT industry, specializing in in-house development jobs. This agency caters to a wide range of engineers from young to mid-level, providing support for resume creation and interview preparation. With an astonishing retention rate of 98.3%, about 70% of users achieve above-average salary increases.

Support is provided through online meetings, emails, and phone calls. Cloud Link allows individuals to express their opinions easily, requiring a balance of flexibility and assertiveness. Even those with little work experience are given appropriate roles based on their abilities, with an environment where everyone can have significant discretion.

Official site: https://cloud-link.co.jp/


BizReach is a recruitment site specializing in high-class positions with annual salaries of 10 million yen or more. Only those who pass the screening process can register as scout members, and over one-third of the job listings are high-salary positions. This platform provides over 5,000 search options, promoting encounters with rare positions, management roles, and specialist positions that can immediately contribute to the company.

Users can directly approach companies, speeding up the hiring process. They can also use headhunters to receive career support and gather information about the market. BizReach does not provide individual career support like a recruitment agency but offers a platform for job seekers, companies, and headhunters to interact directly.

Official site: https://www.bizreach.jp/


Randstad is one of the largest staffing services companies in the world, operating in 39 countries, including Japan. In Japan, it is particularly known for its staffing services, offering a variety of job types, including office dispatch, short-term/part-time jobs, and career support. It has a strong presence in foreign company job listings, providing ample opportunities for salary and career advancement.

Additionally, there are many short-term and part-time jobs, suitable for those looking to work for short periods. Randstad offers comprehensive benefits, including social insurance enrollment, regular health checkups, and paid leave. Furthermore, they provide support windows for career counseling and health consultations to alleviate worries and concerns while working. The training system is also well-established, with courses available for computer skills and business manners. With a wealth of job listings, including those in rural areas, Randstad covers a wide range of positions, from office work to IT engineers.

Official site: https://www.randstad .co.jp/


Uzuz is a career support service that allows beginners to start their careers as IT engineers. It has a high track record of job offers at major companies and has won the No. 1 customer satisfaction rating for job search support due to the high quality of its support. They provide custom-made interview preparation to improve the job offer rate. Additionally, highly rated video teaching materials are available on YouTube, allowing you to learn IT skills simultaneously. Uzuz IT eliminates black companies based on its strict standards, with a very high retention rate of 95.7% after joining. Thus, Uzuz IT provides comprehensive support for those who want to safely change careers to the IT industry from scratch.

Official site: https://uzuz.jp/it-engineer/

First-time Engineer

First-time Engineer is a career support agency specializing in career changes for those with no practical experience. This service handles a wealth of job listings for those who can apply even without experience, particularly supporting career changes for people in their 20s and second new graduates. They focus on matching with companies that value potential hires based on personality and enthusiasm rather than educational background or past work history.

They offer many non-public job listings through unique routes with strong relationships with IT companies, achieving an average engineering debut within 30 days, even for those with no experience. Comprehensive support is provided for free, including career counseling, application document creation, interview preparation, and negotiation of hiring conditions, allowing job seekers to build their careers without worrying about costs.

Official site: https://hajien.jp/

TechClips Agent

TechClips Agent is a recruitment agency specializing in career support for IT engineers. This service introduces companies offering positions with annual salaries of 5 million yen or more, with career consultations provided by active engineers. It particularly supports career changes to companies that develop their own products, with consultants well-versed in the industry carefully selecting and proposing jobs that match users' preferences. With a salary increase rate of 95%, there are over 1,000 job listings to choose from.

They have a high success rate for career changes from SIer/SES to business companies and IT consultants, with many non-public job listings. With no cases of mismatch-based resignations within six months after joining, TechClips Agent is recommended for those considering career advancement in the IT industry and looking for a wide range of job options.

Official site: https://agent.tech-clips.com/

Willof Tech

Willof Tech is a career support service for IT engineers. This service stands out by assigning two dedicated advisors for each job seeker, a career advisor, and a recruiting advisor. Advisors communicate with company hiring managers, introducing optimal job listings and providing detailed explanations of not only conditions but also company culture and atmosphere.

Furthermore, the default is a salary increase, with specific advice for future career advancement also provided. About 70% of the job listings are non-public, with deep connections with companies, and the free “Track Test” coding test is available, holding the top domestic introduction number. Free consultations are also available, allowing IT engineers to easily conduct career consultations, even if they are not considering a career change.

Official site: https://willof.jp/techcareer/

Flow of using a recruitment agent

This section details the basic process for using these agents. While there are some subtle differences between each agent, the following steps are general.

Registering with the recruitment agency site

To begin using a recruitment agency, you must first register by visiting the designated website. When you register, you will enter your personal information, work history, skill set, and desired job title and requirements. This information will be used by the agents to find suitable jobs for you.

Initial Interview

After registering, you will be contacted by a dedicated career advisor to set up an initial meeting. After registering, a dedicated career advisor will contact you to set up an initial meeting. During this meeting, we will review your career plan, identify your specific requirements for a career change, and discuss your timeline for the future. The meeting is usually conducted online or by phone.

Job Introduction

Job Placement Based on the information obtained in the interview, the advisor will select and introduce matching jobs from the job market. This may include open positions as well as private positions available through the advisor's network.

Preparing your application

When applying for a job, you will need a resume and curriculum vitae. Agents will assist you in preparing these documents and provide advice on how to present yourself more effectively. Once your documents are complete, the agent will submit them to the company along with letters of recommendation.

Application and Interview Preparation

If an interview opportunity is set up after sending in your application, the agent will assist you in preparing for the interview. This includes preparing answers to frequently asked questions and providing guidance on interview etiquette and precautions.


Interviewing with a company is one of the most important events in your job search. In the actual interview, you will use your advance preparation to present yourself and your reasons for applying to the company. Multiple interviews may be conducted.

Job Offer and Joining the Company

If the interview is successful and an offer is made, the agent will assist in negotiating the start date and salary. If the interview is successful and a job offer is made, the agent will assist you in negotiating terms and conditions, such as salary, and arranging a start date. You will also be provided with advice on the necessary joining procedures. If everything goes smoothly, you can start your career at your new workplace.

Follow-up Services

Support from the agent continues after you have joined the company. Regular follow-ups are generally provided to help you adjust in the workplace, progress in your career plan, and so on. This helps increase your satisfaction with your new workplace and supports your long-term career development.

Points to keep in mind when using a recruitment agent

Now, let's take a closer look at some points to keep in mind when using a recruitment agent. By keeping these points in mind, you will be able to conduct your job search more effectively.

Handling of Personal Information

When using a recruitment agent, you should pay special attention to the handling of personal information. You will be providing the agent with important documents containing personal information, such as your resume and CV. It is important to confirm in advance how this information will be stored and used. You are required to choose a recruitment agency you trust and review their privacy and personal information protection policies. You should be clear about which companies the information will be sent to and clearly agree on the extent of information sharing with the agent to ensure that the information will not be shared with third parties without permission.

You should also understand how the agent is protecting your personal information. If there are any questions that are unclear, it is important to ask them before signing the contract and not proceed until you have a satisfactory answer. Ultimately, you must ensure that you are in control of your personal information and that your job search is conducted in a safe manner.

Service Fees

When using a recruitment agency, you should also be aware of the fees for their services. While many recruitment agencies charge no fees from job seekers, there are some that offer services for a fee. For example, special career support or consulting services may be offered for a fee. Some agents operate on the basis that they receive a commission from the company when a job offer is made, so there is no direct cost to the job seeker. Before using a service, it is important to clarify what fees are involved to avoid unexpected costs. It is important to understand the free and fee-based services available and to choose the best support for you.

Tips for a successful career change

Now that we have explained how to choose a recruitment agent and what to look out for, let's look at some specific tips for a successful career change.

Enhance your profile

A well-developed profile is extremely important for a successful job search. Your profile should include a personal statement and detailed information about your employment history, skill set, qualifications, and education. Your work history is especially effective if you include specific job duties, accomplishments, and the techniques and tools you have used. This will help the hiring manager understand exactly what your experience and skills are and how well they match the position you are seeking.

In addition, your personal statement should convey your strengths and the values you emphasize in your career, which will help you attract interest from companies that are a good fit for their culture. Careful preparation of your profile and effective self-presentation are the keys to a successful career change.

Proactive Job Application and Follow-Up

Proactive job application and follow-up are critical to a successful career change. Applying for a large number of jobs will increase your chances of finding a new job, but it is important to not only apply for jobs, but also to plan your follow-up after you have applied. After you have sent your application, contact the hiring manager at the appropriate time to check in with them about the progress of your interview and next steps.

In addition, you can always leave a positive impression by sending a follow-up email after the interview thanking them for their time. These proactive approaches are what set you apart from other applicants and are key elements to a successful job search.

Latest Trends in the Engineering Job Market (2024)

Let's take a look at the latest trends in the engineering job market. The engineering job market is constantly changing and it is important to stay up to date.

Industry News and Future Forecasts

The engineering job market in 2024 will see significant movement due to technological advancements and economic fluctuations. In particular, demand is growing in the areas of AI, machine learning, data science, and cloud computing. As more companies utilize these technologies, engineers with related skills are highly valued.

In addition, the proliferation of remote work is increasing opportunities for people to work without geographical restrictions, expanding their work options. In the future, as technology further advances, demand for engineers with expertise in these areas is expected to increase further. With the need for diversity and flexibility in the workplace, adaptability and continuous learning will be key to career advancement.

Technical Skills in High Demand

Certain technical skills are in particularly high demand in the engineering job market in 2024: artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, big data analysis and management, cloud computing, and cybersecurity are key skills companies are looking for to stay competitive. These skills are sought after in all industries that are going digital, and are especially prevalent in the financial, healthcare, and retail industries. In addition, knowledge of programming languages such as Python and JavaScript continues to be important in software development. As technology continues to evolve, engineers with these technical skills will find many career opportunities.


By using an engineering recruitment agency, you will gain access to highly specialized jobs and receive personalized career support. The key to a successful career change is to carefully evaluate the quality of jobs, the support system, and the expertise of the agent, and to select the service that best meets your career goals.

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