How to write a resume for a mechanical design engineer changing jobs! Example sentences are also introduced.


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A resume is a document that summarizes work experience and acquired skills, and recruiters use this document to confirm a certain level of the applicant's abilities. Therefore, a well-written resume can make or break your chances of passing the screening process.

If you are considering a career change as a mechanical design engineer, make sure to create a work history that can showcase your skills and experience. In this article, we will introduce some tips and examples of resume writing for mechanical design engineers. If you are having trouble creating a resume, please refer to this article.

Main items to be included in the work history


In preparing your work history, you need to know what items to include. First, here are the main items to be included.


At the top of your resume, center the title "Curriculum Vitae" in bold letters. Below that, right-align the date (year, month, day) and the name of the applicant. The date should be the day the document was submitted or the day before, or if it was mailed, the date it was dropped in the mail.

The year should be consistent with either the Japanese or Western calendar. It is also important that the date in the title section be the same date as other documents such as your resume. In the first name, leave a space between the first and last name.

Job Summary

This section provides a brief summary of your work history. The recruiter who is screening your application will review your resume and CV in the course of his or her normal duties. If the resume begins with a clear and concise summary of the applicant's career history, it will make it easier to read the subsequent sections and is likely to make a good impression on the applicant.

In the job summary, provide a general flow of your career history, keeping in mind that you should emphasize the skills and experience that you will be able to utilize after joining the company. Experience and accomplishments that match the requirements of the position will easily attract the interest of the hiring manager and set you apart from your competitors.

Since this is the part where you summarize your career, be careful not to make it too voluminous; keep it brief and to the point with around 100-200 words.

Work Experience

This section is for describing your past work and experience in detail. The main information to be included is as follows

  • Length of employment (years and months)
  • Company name
  • Description of business
  • Company profile (date of establishment, capital, sales, number of employees, etc.)
  • Career history (period, affiliation, nature of work you have performed, achievements, position and role)

You will be required to provide a company profile of the company you are currently working for, so please be sure to provide correct information. Also, your work history should be summarized in an easy-to-read table. If you have worked in more than one department in the same company, please enter your career history for each department.

There are three types of formats to fill in your work history: chronological, reverse chronological, and career.

Reverse chronological formatDescribe your career in chronological order.
Reverse chronological formatDescribe your career history from the latest to the past.
Career formatCareer summary by work/projects experienced

If you have only been in the workforce for a short period of time, the reverse chronological order format is suitable for you. If you want to show off your recent abilities and skills, the reverse chronological order format is recommended. The career format is suitable for those who have changed jobs frequently or have worked in a specific industry or company with specialized job experience.

PR Points

In the section of your work history, briefly describe your innovations and efforts to achieve results and achievements in the work you have experienced. Simply describing your career history and achievements will not convey your enthusiasm and attitude toward your work. It is also unclear what led to the results and achievements.

Therefore, by appealing what you did in the process of achieving results and achievements, it will be easier for the hiring manager to visualize the applicant's work style. Therefore, please be sure to be specific about your innovations and efforts.

Qualifications and Skills

Below your work history, list the qualifications and skills you possess. This is the section where you can showcase your abilities, so be sure to list any qualifications or skills that are relevant to the job. Even if you do not have any specific qualifications, write about your strengths such as "communication skills" and "management skills.

Bullet points are fine. When describing skills, write concisely what you can do specifically, such as "Excel: typing/functional calculations/graph and table creation, etc. Also, be careful not to mistake the name of the qualification/license for the time of acquisition. If you are in the process of studying to acquire a qualification, it is a good idea to appeal by stating "studying to acquire (name of qualification).


At the end of your work history, include a self-promotional statement about your strengths and how you can make use of them. Be aware of the type of person the recruiting company is looking for, and write down the points that appeal to them.

To make it easier to read, we recommend using bullet points. If you use bullet points, limit the number of strengths you want to emphasize to three or so, and write a specific PR statement within three to five lines.

Focusing on readability, do not make each sentence too long, but keep it concise. Use line breaks in moderation, and be careful about misspellings and the position and use of punctuation.

Tips for Mechanical Design Engineers on Writing a Resume


In order to get through the screening process, you need to make a strong case for your achievements and skills as a mechanical design engineer through your work history. Here, we will explain some points to consider when preparing your resume in order to increase your chances of passing the selection process.

Describe your skills and achievements as concretely as possible.

The key is to be specific about your past career history, your skills and achievements. In the job history section, you should describe "what part of the product you were in charge of" and "what role you played in the project. In the self-promotion section, you should write specifically about your "specialties and strengths.

If you use abstract expressions, your work history and skills will lack credibility, and you will be more likely to be rejected. In order to give credibility to your skills and accomplishments, you should clearly state the names of products and projects in which you have been involved in the development of your career.

As for achievements, it is important to use numbers. Also, as mentioned above, be specific about your efforts and innovations to improve your achievements.

Specifically describe your history of using tools and software that can be utilized after changing jobs.

Don't forget to mention any tools or software you have used that will be of use to you after you change jobs. By describing the tools and software that can actually be used, it will be easier for the hiring manager to visualize the work that the applicant can actually engage in.

It is also important to show how well you are able to use the tools and software to help the hiring manager visualize the job. Instead of writing, "I can use XXX," be more specific, such as "I can do ▲▲▲ with XXX. You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by writing about your history of using tools and software with an awareness of how well they match your new job, the latest technology, rarity, and high market demand.

Also include a background that demonstrates your ability as a business person.

For technical positions such as mechanical design engineer, the amount of knowledge and skill level possessed by the individual is emphasized in the evaluation process. However, when hiring, basic knowledge and skills as a businessperson are also important, so be sure to include a resume that demonstrates these abilities.

The skills that are most likely to be evaluated are leadership, communication, and coordination. Include how your basic abilities as a businessperson were utilized in your work as a mechanical design engineer in your work history and in your personal PR.

At United World, our career advisors are here to support you in your job search for a mechanical design engineer. They can provide advice on various aspects of career change, including advice on how to improve your skills for a successful career change, as well as advice on creating a work history. If you have any concerns about your job search or creating a work history, please click the button below to contact us.

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Skills that are easily valued in a mechanical design engineer


It is important to showcase the skills you possess in order to gain recognition from the companies you apply to. Although there are slight differences in the knowledge and skills required of mechanical design engineers depending on the industry, there are many common skills that can be utilized. Here are some of the skills that are most likely to be evaluated during the hiring process.

Knowledge of mechanical engineering

Simply put, mechanical engineering is the study of the technology used to make machines. The main task of a mechanical design engineer is to design the structure of machines and the parts that make them up, so having knowledge of mechanical engineering is a major selling point.

With knowledge of mechanical engineering, you will be able to use your technical knowledge of design and manufacturing to design with high accuracy and correctly evaluate the performance of the machines you design. You will also have a better understanding of the laws and regulations governing the manufacture of machinery, which will allow you to design machines with a high level of safety. You will be able to demonstrate these abilities to hiring managers in your resume, which will increase your chances of being judged as a good match for the job of mechanical design.

Knowledge of mechanical and material mechanics

In evaluating the safety and durability of machinery, it is necessary to understand the behavior of components and structures in terms of stress, vibration, strain, elasticity, and plastic deformation. Since mechanics is the study of the forces generated by the operation of machines, this knowledge can be useful in evaluating and verifying the performance of machines.

Mechanics of materials, on the other hand, is the study of the principles of deformation and fracture when structural materials are subjected to loads. The selection of materials has a significant impact on the quality of machine design. Knowledge of material mechanics is useful to achieve safe design. Show your abilities by describing in your resume how you were able to design and achieve results through your knowledge of mechanics and material mechanics.

Knowledge of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics

Fluid mechanics is the study of the motion of fluids, such as liquids and gases, and the nature of the forces acting on them. Turbines and pumps are designed while considering the pressure and reaction forces of fluids.

With knowledge of fluid mechanics, it is possible to predict fluid pressure and flow. You can then show that you have the ability to design components that ensure performance and safety, and to identify and correct design problems.

Thermodynamics is the study of converting heat into mechanical energy. Mechanical parts such as engines and motors may generate heat or absorb heat during operation. The design must be based on the understanding that the heat causes expansion and distortion of the parts. Knowledge of thermodynamics will demonstrate the ability to design and thermally design with consideration for heat transfer and energy conversion.

CAD Skills

CAD is a computer-aided drafting tool and an essential skill for mechanical design engineers. Therefore, it is necessary to demonstrate your ability to use CAD in practice in your resume.

To show that you have CAD skills, your resume should include the names and versions of software you have used, the number of years you have used it, and the fields in which you have used it. The fields in which you have used the software include those in which you were involved in the development of consumer electronics, industrial machinery, and so on. You can also write a description of the specific products you designed and the results you achieved to convey your skill level.

Mechanical Design Engineer Resume Examples & Samples


Finally, here is an example of a resume for a mechanical design engineer. Please refer to it as an image of what you can expect when creating your resume.


■Summary of duties
I have been engaged in mechanical design work for xx years since I joined □□□□□, Inc. I am mainly in charge of XX design for XX products. I am consistently engaged in conceptual design, basic design, and detailed design. I also handle mass production and negotiations as necessary.


■Work Experience
20xxx year xxx month - present □□□□□
Business activities: Manufacturing, development and sales of xxx
Capital: xxx million yen Sales: ×××× million yen Number of employees: xxx Listing: Unlisted

PeriodProducts in chargeBusiness in ChargeEnvironment/Tools
20×× year x month
~ ()
20×× year x month

Business Description
Product design/improvement of existing products at ○○○○
Technical proposal to customers
Assist in drafting of structural parts
Design of parts for the △△section/△section
Evaluation and prototyping

Number of persons: x
Position: Staff

Conducted interviews with customers to gather information on their requests and problems, and engaged in design improvement of existing products. Designed a product that reduced cost by xx% without compromising performance.

2D CAD (○○○○○)
3D CAD (○○○○○)
Structural analysis software (○○○○○)
20×× year x month
~ ()
20×× year x month

Development Section, XXX Division, XXX Department
Contents of work
Mechanical design work (conceptual design and basic design) for new development of □□□□
Design verification, evaluation and testing of prototypes
Negotiation with customers and our factory.

Number of persons: x persons
Position: Sub-leader

Engaged in design work for new products with △△△ functions. The function was highly evaluated in the industry and recorded sales of xx million yen. As a sub-leader, I assisted the leader and worked hard to maintain team harmony to ensure smooth development.

2D CAD (○○○○○)
3D CAD (○○○○○)
Structural analysis software (○○○○○)

Basic knowledge of mechanical engineering/four forces (mechanical mechanics, material mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics)
2D CAD (○○○○○ total x years)
3D CAD (○○○○○ total x years)
Structural analysis software (○○○○○ total x years)


Class 1 regular driver's license (obtained in xxxx month of xxxx year)
TOEIC score of xx (obtained in xx month in xx year)


■Self PR
××I have been engaged in mechanical design work for xx years and have been engaged in a series of development processes from product design to mass production. I have experienced a wide range of design work, including development of new products, improvement of existing products, and mass production. Among them, I have abundant experience in design work for XX, which is my specialty.
I believe that development and design work is not something that can be done by a single person. I place importance on understanding the needs of customers and other related departments within the company, and working in close cooperation with the team and various departments.
I would like to contribute to your company by fully demonstrating the experience and skills I have accumulated and honed at your company.

United World" for a career change from mechanical design engineer.

機械設計エンジニアから転職を目指すなら「United World」

The job search starts with the screening process, so the first step to a successful career change is to create a resume that catches the attention of the hiring manager. It is not enough to simply write about your background and accomplishments; you must be aware of the type of person that the company you are applying to is looking for. Therefore, you must first decide which company you want to apply to.

At United World, we have a wide variety of positions available for mechanical design engineers. Our career advisors understand your needs and career plans through interviews, so they can introduce you to jobs that match them. They will provide you with useful information and advice for your job search. If you are looking for a Mechanical Design Engineer job, please click the button below to contact us.

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