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【Voxa Japan株式会社】宇宙、医療、脳科学etc…。ナノスケールで世界をリードするアメリカ発ベンチャーがエンジニアを募集

United World Corporation, which provides global human resources search and matching services with the aim of creating a " world where anyone can work anywhere, " conducts interviews with leading companies in various industries for the purpose of introducing them to you.

This time, we focus on Voxa Japan K.K., a Japanese subsidiary of Voxa, which was founded in 2012 in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., and manufactures and sells scientific precision instruments specializing in nano-scale (*1 viewing materials at the atomic and ionic level) measurement and analysis.

Ms. Nobuko Steinman, who is in charge of the company's overall back-office operations from business management, told us about the company's features and appeal.


Ms. Nobuko Steinman, who is in charge of the company's overall back office from business administration, spoke with us this time.

Summary of interview

  • Founded in 2012 in Seattle, Washington by current CEO Dr. Christopher Aoun
  • Scientific precision instrument research and development business company leading the world's discoveries in nanotechnology
  • Twice awarded the Innovation Award at M&M2018 and M&M2023 by the American Society of Microscopy
  • Leading products have been adopted for use in the International Space Station
  • Opened Japan branch office in Yokohama with a view to expanding into Asia by 2023
  • Full flexible work hours with no core hours. Full flat organization. Official language is English.
  • If you are an engineer with a strong intellectual curiosity and a love of zero construction, we want you to share your passion with us!

What is Voxa Japan K.K.?

Voxa was founded in 2012 in Seattle, Washington, USA by its current CEO, Dr. Christopher Aoun.

The company is a scientific precision instrumentation company specializing in nanoscale(*1) measurement and analysis.

Dr. Aoun has over 20 years of experience in the field of scientific precision instrumentation, including electron microscopy (EM), materials science, biology, and chemistry. Voxa's instruments have been installed on the International Space Station, major universities, and government labs, and are widely used by scientists, engineers, educators, and researchers.

Voxa's Japanese office, Voxa Japan K.K., was established in Kanagawa Prefecture in February 2023 to provide better support to existing customers, develop sales channels in the Asia-Pacific region, and form business partnerships in the region.

Currently, the company has an office in the Industrial Trade Center Building near Yamashita Park in Yokohama, where it provides support for scientific precision instrument sales and conducts research and development of new instruments to meet customer needs.

*1 "Nanoscale" Viewing matter at the level of atoms and ions.

About the services we provide


Through research and development, Voxa has developed and manufactured scientific precision instruments that can image and visualize the small world at the atomic and ionic level and apply them as analytical technology.
Voxa also proposes and designs workflows for research institutions and other customers to install and utilize its products.
Voxa Japan K.K., our Japanese office, provides sales support for scientific precision instruments manufactured by Voxa in the United States.
Here are some of our main products.



Blade™ is an accessory that fully automates the imaging and visualization of nanoscale structures using electron microscopy.

Blade™ processes millions of times faster than conventional techniques, making it possible to image complex specimens that were previously impossible.

For example, conventional techniques have only been able to image brain circuits and other simple organisms such as small insects and earthworms.

The Blade™ technology has made it possible to reconstruct images of the brain circuits and entire brains of more complex organisms such as fish and small mammals.

The Blade™ technology has made it possible to observe nanoscale structures and conduct investigations based on vast amounts of data.

In 2023, the company received the Innovation Award at M&M 2023, sponsored by the American Society of Microscopy. This is the second time for our company to receive this award, following Mochii (see below).

Voxa Blade™, a high-performance scientific instrument from Voxa Japan Inc.


Mochii is the world's first portable electron microscope that can perform advanced analysis in extreme environments such as outer space, Antarctica, and the deep sea, rather than in laboratories or other places where the environment and facilities are well equipped.

With Mochii, samples can be analyzed remotely, making it possible to analyze and analyze samples acquired in extreme environments such as space in real time by joining forces with people in remote, well-equipped laboratories.

It is the size of a coffee maker and weighs about 15 kg. Because of its ruggedness, functionality, and versatility, it is the first portable electron microscope to be used on the International Space Station and serves as part of the technology behind the services provided by the ISS National Laboratory.

With the lowest operating costs in the industry and the convenience of being portable, the microscope supports new discoveries by many researchers.

In 2018, the ISS received the Innovation Award at M&M 2018, sponsored by the American Society of Microscopy.

▼ Reference article on the product overview of [Blade™] and [mochii™].

Voxa's "Blade™" won the Innovation Award at "M&M2023" hosted by the American Society of Microscopy. Fully automates the imaging process of electron microscopy and may be used as an effective tool for elucidating cranial nerve diseases and clinical pathology.

Voxa Japan K.K.

Philosophy as a Company/Foundation to Present

The impetus for our company's founding came from the vision of our founder, Dr. Christopher Aoun, who envisioned "a world where electron microscopes are commonplace in many places. The democratization of electron mic roscopy" is a better way to describe it.

Our goal is to create a world in which electron microscopes are not confined to a limited number of laboratories, but are placed on casual street corners and in educational facilities, where ordinary people and children can easily come into contact with them.

Humanity has progressed by discovering, creating, and using new tools such as "fire" and "the wheel.

We hope that the tools we are creating now will help to open up a new perspective of the "nano world" to mankind in the same way.


The Japan office was just established in 2023 and currently has Mr. Aung, the president, myself (Ms. Nobuko Steinman), one application engineer, two electrical engineers, and one software engineer.

At our headquarters in Seattle, USA, we have one mechanical and software engineer, one technician (a technician who assists the engineers), and a software engineer from Norway, for a total of eight employees.

The Japan team basically works in the office every day, but may work from home depending on the situation.

Regular meetings are held with overseas members to strengthen cooperation. In the future, we would like to expand the scale of our business by increasing the number of members based in Japan, with the aim of developing sales channels in the Asia-Pacific region.


Organization and Work Styles

We work and communicate with colleagues from all over the world on a daily basis, and the official language of the company is English.

You do not need to be as perfect as a native English speaker, but as long as you can listen to the general framework and express yourself (output) at a minimum, you will be fine.

Our working style is based on a flexible work schedule with no core hours.

One of the unique features of our organizational structure is that we maintain a fully flat structure with no hierarchy.

As the number of employees increases, it may be necessary to create a certain level of hierarchy, but for now, I would say that the environment allows for a great deal of individual discretion.

Who fits in?

I believe that you are a person who wants to grow big by getting involved in cutting-edge science and technology, and who is willing to take on new challenges.

Our business is related to cutting-edge technology, and the fields of technology utilization are endless and very interesting, so if you are interested in that, I hope you will get to know our company and our representative, Mr. Aoun.

Our business is a field that requires creativity because we use innovative technology, and the company itself is in a phase of business expansion, so if you are someone who can not only do as instructed, but also enjoy the process of creating innovative things that do not exist in the world with our members, then we would like you to jump in. If you are the type of person who can not only do as instructed, but also enjoy the process of creating innovative products that do not exist anywhere else, we would like you to join us.

Of course, since we are still a growing venture, we are still a small organization, and we may not have all the systems in place. We would like to improve this with a sense of speed, valuing everyone's opinions from now on.

Future Outlook

To speak from the recent news, our products have been decided to be introduced to a certain major medical institution and an industrial technology company that is tackling environmental issues, and we are currently customizing our products to put them into actual operation.
We are also in the process of developing new products.
The details are confidential and cannot be shared, but you can look forward to them after you join the company.

Message to future colleagues

With electron microscopy at its core, Voxa Japan Inc. can be involved in a wide variety of fields ranging from space to medicine, brain science, and environmental science, which I think is one of the most appealing aspects of the company.

We are challenging innovative technologies that have never existed in the world before , and I believe that this is a very exciting stage for engineers who like to build something from scratch and who have a strong intellectual curiosity.

If you are passionate about tackling the unknown world, I hope you will share your thoughts with Voxa Japan K.K.


Voxa Japan K.K. is developing products using cutting-edge technology, which is not an exaggeration at all.

The official language of the company is English, and the working environment is global in nature, with MTGs held with members working across various countries, including the United States, Norway, and Israel.

If you are interested in Voxa Japan K.K., please contact United World.

United World is committed to supporting your career with the aim of creating a world where anyone can work anywhere.

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