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United World Corporation, which is developing a global human resources search and matching service with the aim of creating "a world where anyone can work anywhere," conducts interviews with companies at the forefront of their respective industries for the purpose of introducing them to you.

This time, we asked Mr. Ishida, HR manager of Nudge Corporation, a Fintech company that aims to go public with the mission of "creating the financial experience of the future by each individual's action" and launching the "Guess Your Support Credit Card" service in 2021, to tell us about the company's features and appeal.

Summary of interview

Launch of "Ouenchi wo Ouenchi Kureka", a new financial experience where you can support your guess by using your credit card
More than 100 clubs have adopted the service in the first year of its launch
Free corporate culture that embodies one of our values, "free, fair, flat (autonomy, decentralization, and cooperation)
Full remote work is encouraged. Open corporate culture. Emphasis on work-life balance.
Seeking people with a strong spirit of challenge who want to experience "creating a company" in real life.

What is Nudge Corporation?

We are a Fintech company with a mission to "create the financial experience of the future through the actions of each individual.

We aspire to make each individual's financial experience more enjoyable and special by creating a financial system with new values and behaviors.

Our members include people with a wealth of knowledge who have led the Fintech industry up to now, as well as people from a variety of backgrounds.

As one of our values, "free, fair, flat" (autonomy, decentralization, and cooperation), indicates, we are based on an autonomous and decentralized organization with discretion.

A culture of mutual respect is important for each member to be able to exercise their bold ideas and actions with the goal of achieving the upside of the business. We have members of diverse ages, backgrounds, and values, including those with deep knowledge of finance, those with deep knowledge of web services and IT, and foreign nationals, and we aim to create an organization rich in diversity where each can demonstrate their strengths in their own way.

Image - "Credit card that supports your guess" - Product development based on the concept of "a more enjoyable financial experience

Our current focus is on credit card services targeting Generation Z. The cashless penetration rate in Japan is low at around 36%, and although this market is expected to grow in the future, the credit card ownership rate, which is the mainstay of cashless payment, remains low among younger generations.

Many companies have been encouraging young people to use their first credit card (*1: The first credit card you make in your life. 1: The first credit card made by a young person is the first credit card he or she makes in life.) However, there has been no change in the situation.

Under such circumstances, we wondered if we could approach young people from a different angle as a venture company, and our "Guess Your Supporting Credit Card" was born. This service was launched based on the concept of providing a more enjoyable financial experience through credit cards, and proposes a new connection between content and fans through credit cards affiliated with singers, YouTubers, anime, manga, sports, and other content. The service is available in the following languages.

Image - A credit card that partners with celebrities, sports clubs, and other organizations as a "credit card to support your guess. Users can support their own guesses by using the credit card.

Specifically, it is a system whereby users who join a club can use their credit cards to return profits to that club (i.e., support their "guesses"). In return, users receive a variety of services that are only available at the club, such as tickets to limited booths at live concerts, goods, and other benefits.

The club cards of singers Shota Shimizu and Yusuke Yusuke, and the club card of the character Rascal are particularly popular. The "Ouenobu Mystery Credit Card" has been adopted by many companies as a part of fan marketing that allows customers to connect with their "Mystery" through everyday purchases, and the number of clubs currently exceeds 100.

Image - The company is pursuing various conveniences for Generation Z, such as "multiple and selectable repayment methods," "ease of use through combined use of applications," and "changeable design.

Characteristics of Active Employees and Organizational Structure

Image - Employees of Nudge, Inc.

A person with expertise, energy and, above all, a spirit of challenge, is indispensable to our organization. Where are the goals you want to achieve, what do you need to do to achieve them, and what preparations do you need to make? I think the key is to voluntarily incorporate these into our daily activities and how efficiently we can assemble a schedule.

Basically, we do not deny our employees the freedom to do what they want to do. Although there is responsibility, the results obtained by exercising discretion are highly evaluated.

If you have your own ideas and are able to create a roadmap to implementation (those who like to build from 0 to 1), this is a very rewarding environment for you. Of course, there are many colleagues available for consultation, so please don't worry about that.

However, now that we have more than 20 employees, it is time for us to review our organizational structure. We are now in the process of creating an organization that will allow us to grow our business more efficiently while taking advantage of the high level of psychological safety and approval culture we have built up to this point. In addition to the immediate plan to establish a middle manager, in the future we intend to actively search for excellent candidates for the executive officer and CxO layers, depending on their ability, aptitude, and motivation.

About Mission, Vision and Values

Currently, we are also reworking the company's Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV). The main reason for this is that it has been about a year since the service started running, and the action indicators have gradually become more defined.

For a venture company, MVV is the foundation of its corporate activities. The fact that management and members are working together to review the MVV at this time is a good sign. In the future, we would like to create an environment in which all members can work while feeling the touch of building up the organization, with MVV as the embodiment of our company.

For those who join us at this time, we believe that this is an exciting environment where you can work while feeling the touch of building up the organization under the new MVV.

Post-employment working style and institutional aspects

We have adopted a flexible work schedule with a one-hour core time (13:00-14:00). Many of our engineers, in particular, work from home. Of course, freedom is inextricably linked to responsibility, so we allow people to work freely as long as they are able to perform their duties without problems.

Image - Employees of Nudge, Inc.

We also value communication as an organization, and this summer we introduced shuffle tea time. This is a place for members to get together in the evening for casual conversation, which is quite lively, and I feel that it has brought members closer together than before.

In addition, we are planning to hold a company-wide meeting once a quarter to provide an opportunity for all members, including those who normally work remotely, to meet each other. (Of course, we will invite overseas members as well!)

Image - Employees of Nudge, Inc.

Future Outlook

It has been about two years since the launch of "Supporting Your Guess" and the number of clubs has doubled and tripled, but we believe that there is still room for further expansion. In order to scale our business from here, the first step is to gain "service recognition.

With so many different companies entering the credit card market today, we plan to invest resources in large-scale marketing activities to scale our business from next year onward, in order to make more young people aware of and choose our service first.

We will continue to focus on enhancing our services to build a win-win relationship between cardholders (users) and card providers (club owners). In addition, we have been consistent in our goal of going public since our inception, and we will continue to aggressively expand our workforce and strengthen our internal structure, with the aim of going public at an even earlier date.


Image - Employees of Nudge, Inc.

Message to future colleagues

We are confident that we have an environment in which professionals can fully demonstrate their abilities when they join our company.

In addition, you will be able to work directly under management and feel that you are directly involved in the creation of the product.

Many of our employees do not come from the financial industry. Why don't you join us to walk with us on the road to IPO?

Image - Employees of Nudge, Inc.


Nudge, Inc. is developing services with the mission of "creating the financial experience of the future through the actions of each individual.

This is a service that is attracting a great deal of attention as people's financial experiences are changing, such as the shift to cashless transactions. Nudge is an attractive environment for those who want to take on new challenges.

If you are interested in Nudge Corporation, please contact United World.

United World is committed to supporting your career with the aim of creating a world where anyone can work anywhere.

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