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Publication date: 2023.10.25

#1967[Inexperienced welcome] [D2C manufacturer] Own EC site management

  • Professional (Consulting, Marketing, PR)
  • Nara
  • Salary ¥3M~¥7.2M
#1967【未経験 歓迎】【D2Cメーカー】自社ECサイト管理
職種Position Professional (Consulting, Marketing, PR)
会社概要Company profile This position is available only for people residing in Japan.

[Company Profile]
The company mainly engages in D2C business, including planning and manufacturing of own brand products, e-commerce mail order, and sales consulting for manufacturers.
It is unusual for a venture company to have an in-house integrated system from product development to distribution and sales, and has been attracting attention within the industry, having recorded sales growth of 1 billion yen in the past few years.
They have also been selected as one of the ``100 West Japan Ventures to Watch''.

They are a D2C manufacturer that develops products that are not tied to genres or categories, and carry out EC sales that can be completed in-house, and handle a very wide range of products.

[Some of their products]
・Outdoor brand (solo camping specialty store)
・Apparel brand
・Daily goods
・Sports equipment
・Fitness equipment
・Rain gear etc.

Another major feature is that they do everything in-house, from product development to sales, from entry to exit.
(Product planning, usage design, production management, trade, logistics, inventory management, photography, design, advertising operations, sales marketing, CS, public relations, system development, etc.)

[Background of recruitment]
For business expansion.

[Attractive points of company/work]
They have a corporate culture that allows them to put into practice what they want to do.
The important thing is to ``build a creative business that benefits all three parties.'' As long as it doesn't go against their philosophy, it's OK to do anything.
If you are happy when you put it into practice, the recipients (including companies and internal companies) are happy, and the company is happy (profitable), then there is no reason not to do it! !
When you join the company, you will be put into practice immediately, so they promise an environment where you can feel your growth directly!
仕事内容Job description [Job description]
You will be in charge of managing the online shopping mall site.
They are a company that sells their own products (sports, outdoor, apparel, interior, pet (animal) supplies, daily necessities, food, beauty, etc.) on their e-commerce site.
You will be responsible for promoting sales of products currently on sale and products to be purchased in the future, as well as managing sales.

<Product sales promotion>
You will run the PDCA cycle and manage the products you are responsible for!
・Plan to sell more products that are currently selling and newly purchased products
・Execute the plan!
・Analyze progress and results and identify good and bad points
・Reflect in the next plan!

<Sales management>
How much did sales increase as a result of sales promotion?
Check if profits are increasing! !
Analyze where to cut and grow in order to increase profits even more
Plan based on analysis (increase prices to lower cost ratios, promote bulk purchases to lower shipping costs, etc.)

<Site creation and modification>
Basically, it is a simple information update such as registering a product or replacing an image.
You will reflect on the good and bad points that you identified during sales promotion!
応募資格Requirement [Requirements]
・Inexperienced people welcome
・Active and energetic person
・ Required Japanese ability:Business level
日本語力Japanese level Business
雇用形態Employment type Full-time employee
勤務エリアLocation Nara
勤務時間Working hours 9:00~18:00
想定年収Salary ¥3M~¥7.2M
条件・待遇Condition Employment Type: Permanent
Trial period: 6 months
Estimated annual income: ¥3M~¥7M (including 32 hours of fixed overtime)
Work location: Nara
Working hours: 9:00~18:00
Holidays: 2 days a week (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays
Vacation: Summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, and other vacations available
Overtime: Average month 27 hours
Benefits: Complete social insurance, commuting allowance (according to company regulations), and other benefits
選考についてProcess Number of applicants: 3
Documents required for application: resume, resume of work
Online interview: Available
Interview language: Japanese
Number of interviews (flow): 2 times
Application for overseas residents: Unavailable
* May change depending on the situation of the candidate
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